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I am working on writing this chapter it will be much shorter than recent chapter of bleach love ru since I need strong internet connection to research the fate stay night elements will play big from this chapter onwards while still following skeleton of the game.            I wish English released version of fates was easier to get my hands on to play it now I would need either Rom and emulator with English patch or Japanese 3ds and game
doujin preview 217 by michelous
doujin preview 217
fem Lelouch/luluko x suzaku
code geass doujin
raw out
English out
Ichigo pov
The next day I manage to wake up before Lala the mess on my bed proved what we did. My next step was to ask my dad what went on, I walked down stairs to the kitchen to see my old man at the table smiling and then I asked him “why the fuck did lose control and had sex with Lala? Sure she is sexy but that is all we have in common mutual lust and why do you know that kido?” My day then said “the sex part is your aunt’s fault and mine for leaving it out, it was supposed to be for my wedding to a female from another noble clan it is for the husband and wife to get rid of their nervousness. You see when marriages are arranged and the bride is supposed to be a virgin both aren’t ready so that wine makes things go more smoothly. The kido was a product of my misspent youth, you see nobles aren’t supposed to have children with commoners and I really liked commoners….” Before he could say anymore I said “stop I don’t need to hear of your sexual exploits.”

Dad then said “Then I have some news for you, according to soul society law as a member of a noble clan you could still fulfill the arranged marriage i dodged and still marry Lala.” I stunned asked “how the fuck does that work old man?” dad said “the soul society would only acknowledge your marriage to a noble and any marriage in the living world would be considered spreading your seed, with being a hero and have insane spirit power having lots of children isn’t only demanded it is expected for the future of the soul society. So you can have as many girlfriends their here as long as main wife is okay with it. Do you want to know who you are arranged to marry son?” I then said “go ahead and tell me it couldn’t be worse that I am supposed to have lots of kids.” My old man then said “you know here and already have a friendly relationship with this girl.” I then said with lots of anticipation “who is it?” Then my dad looked into the hall and said “you can come in.” I looked to see the person coming into the kitchen, it was Rukia. The small girl said “it’s me Ichigo,” And then she ran into my arms and jumped up to kiss me.

I asked Rukia “did you see or hear what happened last night?” Rukia then said face red as tomato, “let’s pretend that never happened you weren’t yourself. If you need to know our wedding is in 2 months unless another war breaks out.” I could tell she was crossing her fingers for the last part. Then she said “I found out the person that I thought was my adopted brother was really my father and the reason that kido was made. I bribed a friend in the science division to do a DNA test and found this out. When I proved this and the Kuchiki elders found out Isshan, your father, was alive and had children and you were close to marriageable age, they were waiting for your powers to come back do the wedding. That power burst that came out when you ‘released’ told them to move things forward.” I then yelled at my father “why didn’t you tell me when I finished up I released spirit power as well and does this mean Lala will get powers as well?” my old man then said “I forgot that part and if releasing your power constantly has brought out powers in your friends then she might start getting powers very soon it is hard to say your are a very unique case nobody liked you has existed even the other Vizards aren’t the same as you. The kido just prevents pregnancy not other things I learned that the hard way.” I then with disgust in my said “I didn’t need to know that next time you bring up sex I will shove cero up your ass.”

My father then said “don’t worry about school today I wrote both you and Lala sick notes and called your school.” The next thing that happened was Lala came down for breakfast, from what I can tell she had on my shirt and only my shirt, the fact she came down in something made me a little happy, at least dad hasn’t got to see her naked. Then Lala seeing Rukia arms around my neck and said “Ichigo, who is that hugging you?” I said nervously “this is my other fiancé Rukia Kuchiki.” Lala then said “hi Rukia my name is Lala Satalin Deviluke we can be sister wives.”

Rukia pov
I was shocked this girl was so accepting of the fact Ichigo had another fiancé; if I thought I was the only person Ichigo could marry I would fight her if needed. The tail and everything Isshan told me points the fact Lala is from another planet maybe her culture is different. I then asked Lala “how are you ok with sharing Ichigo?” the pinkette then said “I know Ichigo has a big hear with lots of love to share and has more than enough for the both of us even more and when he marries me he won’t be under earth or any other laws and be able to take as many wives as he wants. The king of the galaxy is expected to have a harem.”

Lala’s statement made me even more shocked she was princess of the entire galaxy and marrying her Ichigo would be in line for that throne. Then Isshan asked Lala “when is your dad going to be arriving?” Lala said “I will call him and ask, the girl pulled out a phone like device and dialed a number, after a few ring I could hear a man’s voice then Lala saying “dad Isshan wants to know how much longer till you arrive?” then after a short while she said “he will be hear in about an hour.” Isshan then handed Ichigo some money and a roll of condoms and said “Ichigo take the girls out for some fun while entertain Gid. We have to decides the details on yours and Lala’s wedding, make 3rd and forth daughters happy.” Then Ichigo told “Lala got up to my room and get dressed,” and then told me “Rukia please make sure she puts on something presentable and even modest if you want.” I followed Lala up to Ichigo’s and her room mostly to check out my closet. Before I went up the stairs Isshan said something that filled me with dread “Rukia I ordered Ichigo a bigger bed so you can share it with Ichigo and Lala.” I wasn’t sure want to think. I just wanted to sleep in his closet but his bed I wasn’t ready for. When I got to the room I found out why I could use the closet; it was full of Lala’s stuff as well as Ichigo’s and even a few dresses I could wear, it seemed his sisters donated some cloths for me as well. I would have to hug them for the thought.

I picked Lala a short dress with shorts to match the outfit was pretty cute. After checked for Lala’s underwear I was the size and of hear bra and was jealous, the girl was a high c-cup, even if I went from a-cup to small be I don’t think I would come close to winning in breast size to Lala. The thing that made me happy was at least I was bigger than the other girl I knew had was a possible harem candidate in the soul society, Hiyori. I could beat her puny aa-cup any day. The ways my friend was close to winning over me was her vizard status and her closeness to bankai, we were both very close but my rank gave me much less time for practice. So I was sure the blond pig tail girl had more time.

Ichigo then yelled to us “hurry up, the first movie starts in 30 minutes.” I then put a dress on myself, then helped Lala and ran down the stares. When we got down I asked Ichigo “what movies are we seeing?” my fiancé then said “avengers age of ultron and antman.” I was keeping up with the marvel movies but I wasn’t sure Lala had ever seen them. So I asked Ichigo “are you sure Lala can follow them?” He replied with “yes, I was getting Lala caught up for them over homework, believe or not the pinkette is even smarter than Uryu. It was so funny seeing our friend after Lala out ranked him in the last test. She even helped me get my grades up. If you ask she might be able to help you.”

Calling Ichigo my fiancé still sounded weird even if it was just to me, but finding out Lala was a super genius was bigger twist the girl seemed more air headed than Orihime. I then asked Ichigo “does Lala like strange food combinations?” the strawberry blond then said “she does but I convinced her other members of the family don’t like them.”

After we were close about a block away from the theatre a girl in all black with golden blond hair came at Ichigo. The blond said to my fiancé “Ichigo kurosaki I have come to kill you.” Wanting to see the movie and quick I popped the chappy soul candy and told chappy in my body “start running this won’t be long.” I used my shikai to encase the girl’s arms and legs in ice long enough for our movies to get done. I knew I wasn’t supposed to kill the girl but giving her a little frostbite wasn’t against the rules and I wanted to see the movies rather than fight. I then shortly ran toward my body and popped chappy out just in time for the movie.

Since both Ichigo and I had seen avengers age of ultron the 2 of us made out and with Ichigo feeling up my breasts noting their growth. Ant man was easier to follow than age of ultron with its smaller scale. Ichigo’s biggest worry was the movies gave Lala ideas for new inventions and it turned out someone would end up being the victim of those invention, I found out after 2 were testing around Ichigo he would call Keigo for testing (I felt sorry for the boy).

Isshan pov
It wasn’t long after Ichigo and his fiancés left that Zastin arrived with Gid Lucione Deviluke. I noticed the man had the appearance of a small boy but when he talked, he had a very deep voice. The first thing I said the shrunken man was “did you use up most your powers shrinking your body?” the shrunken tailed man then said “how did you know that?” I said “it was a guess based on similar things that have happened to both my son and myself, but we just lost our powers not shrunk it must be a trait of your race in general would the same thing happen to your daughter as well.” The small man growled at me and said “stop with the questions and bring out your best booze.”

I said “ok king if you insist.” I took out a bottle and said “this is 200 year old sake, we can start with thing bottle and if you still want more we can move on the 2nd bottle.” I then poured the each of us bowls, gave the king 1, poured and bowl for myself and said “bottoms up.” The 2 of us drank our bowls and the king said “this is good refill, Zastin try some.” The silver man did as ordered then passed out after a single sip. Gid said to his servant “what I lightweight. Well Zastin could never hold his liquor. More.” then I pour the both of us each another drink.

I then said “Lets get down to business, how about we make the deal if our children don’t fall in love after 6 months the wedding is void.” The king said “that sounds good.” I then said “you were in a war and that is how you spent your powers and ended up in your current state right. How do you think your daughter could handle a war?” the king then said “why do you ask? Are you planning on starting a war with Deviluke?” I said “no but a war is coming, I am sure of it. I knew it was coming 9 years ago when I my wife and Ichigo and my twin daughter’s mother died.” The king pitched in and said “so we share something in common, I have my own twin daughters in addition to Lala. How did you know this war is coming?”

I then told him 10 years ago my wife told me a story, well it is more of a warning ‘The Sealed King of the Quincy...regained his heartbeat after nine hundred years...regained his intellect after ninety years...regained his power after nine years...and regained the world after nine days.’ I found he regained his intellect almost 9 years ago and stole my wife’s powers making her weak enough to be easy to kill and he also took the life and powers of my friend’s wife and likely the lives and powers on many others. If the legend is true he will appeal very soon.” Gid the said “I don’t believe in silly legend and stories.” I then said “I also hope the legend isn’t true but a weak hollow like 1 that killed my wife should never have been able to do so. If something does happen both you and my son know what war is like and how it changes you.” Gid said “so your son fought in a war, then he just might be good enough for Lala and to take my thrown when the time comes.”

The very best I got when I told the captain commander was gathering power to restore my son and I had to show proof of a possible invasion to get than much.

Lala pov
I enjoyed the movies but Ichigo’s and Rukia’s pre-mating ritual was kind of distracting. Rukia seemed like she was making noise but I couldn’t hear it, I guess I was too focused on the movie. Shortly after we left I was the blond girl in black I knew who this girl was Golden Darkness.

Golden Darkness pov
The dark haired girl with the princess and my target was powerful enough to slow me down, I think it was more I didn’t expect a sword that could make ice than the short girls skill. It took me an hour to get out of the ice if the girl knew about my hair she could have trapped me longer but since she didn’t it only took me an hour to escape, I knew if needed I could have risked short term nerve damage to melt the ice if she didn’t freeze my hair. After I got free I wondered around checking the sites for the next few hours, looking with no luck finding them. When I couldn’t the princess I went to a library and read some books then went for food when I ran into the princess, the dark haired girl and Ichigo Kurosaki.

I then said to my target “Ichigo Kurosaki, die for me.”

Ichigo pov
On the way to the place we were going to eat after the movie, the golden blond girl dressed in black showed up and said she was going to kill me. Before Rukia could pop out Chappy to enter her soul reaper form I said “don’t Rukia this girl is after me so let me fight her time. The girl in black said “Ichigo Kurosaki my name is Golden Darkness.” Lala then said “be careful of her Golden Darkness is one of the best assassins in the universe.” To my bad luck the girl in black jumped on light post giving me a good view of her panties and then she called me pervert when I pointed it out.

The thing I said to her was “maybe if you are going to be an assassin you should try pants or shorts all of the female assassins and fighters I know were them while in combat, right Rukia.” Rukia then said “yeah golden darkness you should either wear pants or remember modesty for female fighters can get you killed that is the first lesson us female soul reaper get on day 1 of our training.” I made the first move by saying to hollow Zangetsu “bring out your blade.” The hollow said “you only can fight her using your shikai for 5 minutes and every Getsuga Tensho cuts 2 minutes off that time.” I then said to Rukia “give me 3 minutes if I can’t win in that time please take over.” Rukia then said “so that is how long you can use your powers, well that is better than nothing. If she is too strong for you I will take over then.”

The battle started with me making the first attack slashing at Golden Darkness with sealed Zangetsu but the girl dodged me with ease her small body fast and good at dodging and then she kicked me in the face sending me flying back pretty far. I used 1 Getsuga but it lacked the power and speed I was used to and she blocked it with her hair.  Golden darkness came back at me with blades from her hair it felt like many soul reaper battles but much more painful when the blades cut into me. I tried 1 more Getsuga and when it missed I was gassed out it was barely 2 minutes.

Then Rukia must have switched out with chappy right as I was out then throw my tired body at Lala and said “catch pinky,”  Lala caught my body and said “stay back if Rukia cant handle it I have a plan.” Before the fight could really get going I lost consciousness.

Lala pov
It took me a little while but after less than a minute into the fight I could see another Rukia in all black robes fighting golden darkness, while the other Rukia was extra happy like a different person. I asked the Rukia next to me “let me guess you are a filler of some kind watching the real Rukia’s body while she fights. The person in Rukia’s body then said “my name is Chappy and this isn’t Rukia real body that is, the real Rukia is something called a soul reaper her job is the balance souls in the world be purifying the bad soul and either send them to the soul society or hell and send the wandering good souls to the soul society.” I then asked chappy “Ichigo has a sword like Rukia are they the same?” before chappy could reply I remembered were I heard her name it was from a kids show Rukia must have choose this filler from that show. Chappy said “I am not sure of the full detail but Ichigo is at least party soul reaper, you would have to ask Rukia or Ichigo I don’t know full details.”

I watched as Rukia and golden darkness fought. Golden darkness knew to dodge Rukia’s ice that made Rukia switch to energy blasts, sword attacks, and hand to hand combat but golden darkness was faster and better at dodging and parrying attacking. Chappy then said “mistress Rukia isn’t used fighting enemies closer to her own size, I think all of the paper work and lack of training hasn’t been helping her.”

Right before Rukia could almost hit Rukia with a small green alien that called himself Lacospo appeared next to Chappy and I and Yelled “Golden darkness hurry and kill Ichigo he is down right here.” Golden darkness then said breathing hard “I am trying but both are good fighters.” Then green alien said “Lala is this man can’t defend you then you should marry me.” I said to the green man in a sing song voice “it is too late for me to be with any other man Ichigo made me his woman.”

The green alien then said “I better kill him myself then,” the alien used a phone like mine to call a giant frog out of another place. The frog’s tongue licking Ichigo woke him up and he said “why is there a giant frog.”

Ichigo pov
I woke up to see a giant frog then cut its tongue off by the time I could I saw Rukia transform her hair changed from black to light purple, her robes changed from black to white with the only black left a cape, her pupils became slits, bunny cats ears on her head and her Zanpakuto changed from a white sword to scythe with a white handle and red double blades. Then my hollow Zanpakuto said in my head “this is bad somehow Rukia’s spiritual energy became like an Arrancar. Those bunny ears aren’t cosplay they are hollow mask fragments.” I could tell her ice powers were getting stronger due to the sky going dark and snow starting to fall. Rukia then slashed the frog with her scythe turning it into chucks of ice and then she went after the green man slashing him into frozen chunks as well. Rukia then went after Lala and said in a distorted voice “why did you steal my Ichigo, bitch he was mine for me only? You even took his virginity that was mine as well. I will kill you pinky.”  I then yell “golden darkness since your client is dead can’t you help, I am sure the king would pay you to keep his daughter alive.” The golden girl then said “princess did he take you without asking?” the pinkette then said “no we were both drunk and drugged we never meant to it just happened.” The blond then said “ok I will take the job then tell your father my normal price.” Lala then asked Golden darkness “your name is so long can we call you Yami for short, since it means darkness.” The blond then said “if you wish princess.” Rukia was much faster now freezing and breaking any of Yami’s hair that got close. Rukia then said “you can’t my Ichigo either blond bitch I am like him so only I can be his queen.” Yami then said “I am not sure how much more time I can keep fighting this girl if the temperature hadn’t gotten colder I would have overheated already.” I yelled “Lala do you have any inventions to hold Rukia if you do summon them now.” The pinkette said to me “I have something but I don’t know how well it can do you cold.”

I then asked Chappy “mod soul hand me Rukia’s phone.” When the mod soul in Rukia’s gigai handed me her phone I noticed it was newer than mine and called the first number in her contacts without checking. The person that Answered was Hiyori her first words after hearing my voice was a stutter “why are you calling from Rukia’s phone berry?” I then yelled “we don’t have time Rukia turned into a Yandere Arrancar bunny girl. Can you help or do I need to call Urahara?” The girl said “you don’t need to call hat and clogs I will be there in soon, I told her not to get into stressful situations. I will be there in 10 minutes keep her from killing anyone else till I get there.”  I then said to the girls here “you heard that right we need to hold her for up to 10 minutes can you 2 help me hold her that long” Yami said “since it is getting colder maybe.” Lala then said “I might have to destroy a few inventions but maybe as well.”

Lala attacked Rukia with her an energy blast from her tail but Rukia dodged. Then the pinkette used her phone to summon a machine with tentacles to try and hold her but Rukia broke them with ice after 3 minutes of being held. Yami Punched Rukia hard in the stomach only the get her hand frozen, but with it did slow Rukia down for another 2 minutes. Lala Rukia’s having the wind knocked out of her to summon about 10 robot and ordered them to attack Rukia lucky for the blond and pinkette team it took Rukia another 2 minutes to destroy them. Rukia then said breathing a little hard “stop with all the toys and fight me pinky and blondy.” Yami said breathing ragged breaths “this isn’t good I don’t have much longer till I overheat.” Yami then let a barrage of bladed haired all being stopped by Rukia and then the blond said “that’s it I am overheat.” The blond passed out steam coming off her body.  I then asked Lala “do you have anything useful left?” the pinkette nodded and said “not really I never really had to fight so I never designed my inventions for long term combat.” I then asked my hollow Zanpakuto “do we have the power to stop her?” my Zanpakuto said “maybe but Rukia will be pissed if we do it in public. Remember that spot that made her moan when you were making out” “yeah she will be pissed but a slap to save Rukia is worth it.”  

I then used a flash step to grope Rukia’s right breast until I found the sweet spot that sent her into orgasm. Right as Rukia was moaning in ecstasy Yami said “did you have to do something so perverted to her seemingly only able to use her mouth.” I said “would have wanted be icy chunks like her former employer.” The blond said “good point perversity to save all of the princess and I acceptable.” Next Hiyori popped in and said “What the fuck are you doing to Rukia?” I then said “look midget you told me to keep her still and this worked. It might not be preferred but can you argue wit results.” The short blond said “I guess not hold her for a little longer.” Hiyori then pulled a syringe from her pants and said “this should keep under control.” Then she took out her phone and sent out a text I was pretty sure I knew who it was to. I then said “Hiyori, please explain.”

Rurika pov
I was going to school when I got a text from Ginjo saying you will start at Ichigo’s school Monday do your best to seduce him to our side so we can get his power for your own.
Bleached love-ru chapter 3 white moon, golden dark

This will go into Rukia meeting Ichigo again golden darkness showing up and some other interactions between the 2 of them and also Isshan meeting up with Gid action and limes


Hollow speech

Normal speech

Chapter is done sorry for cliffhanger

I will explain the source of Rukia hollow powers will be explained next chapter also start of xcution arc Rukia’s hollow powers will be connected to fade to black but be different in a very different way

Current harem list



Golden darkness




The update schedule is

Week of 10/12/15 Fate emblem white princess

Week of 10/18/15 sage of Britannia

Week of 10/25/15 star wars seed

Week of 11/1/15 bleach love ru



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I am working on writing this chapter it will be much shorter than recent chapter of bleach love ru since I need strong internet connection to research the fate stay night elements will play big from this chapter onwards while still following skeleton of the game.            I wish English released version of fates was easier to get my hands on to play it now I would need either Rom and emulator with English patch or Japanese 3ds and game

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