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This chapter will cover the main china arc in r2 with major diversions. I will also touch on the jinkuriki in china. As well with deal with how Lelouch feels about her brothers.

Beast speech
Normal speech

Lelouch pov
The main other thing I learned was some of the female ninja classes, when I was too far along to do physical training I read. The major book I went over was the course book for that class. Itachi’s scrolls never really covered the how to be a female ninja, so I learned how and after Euphie was born I received the contraception seal. I learned more on how to use my sexuality as a weapon and I learned my aunt’s signature jutsus, the sexy jutsu to change into a sexier version of myself and harem jutsu to make clones of the sexier version.

Soon after I arrived in china I got to meet Xingke, a Chinese federation general and jailer of the 3 tails. After bringing down some pro-Britannia forces the long haired Chinese man told me that Chinese Empress Tianzi, who was just a puppet to the Eunuchs was being married to my oldest brother Odysseus eu Britannia. Odysseus even being the first prince never really had the mental strength or ambition some of my other siblings had. The real power behind him was my 2nd oldest brother and prime minister Schneizel el Britannia. That man could be considered my only real mental challenger in the royal family, the 2 of us had an almost even chess record with a 51-48-1 record in his favor.

I helped Xingke learn a little of how to control his beast but the man was only able to half control it. I wasn’t sure how the general loved the empress as a man or a father. Personally I didn’t care if he was willing to get my brothers off the little empress I would help him. My brothers have pull over a potential ally would be very bad. I knew those dicklesss bastards needed die. Lucky for me the eunuchs did invite me to the wedding and there was both Suzaku and Schneizel. As soon as I got to see Suzaku I grabbed him and dragged him to the room I was given. Using CC and Rei transformed to cover for us until needed.

Xingke pov  
When I saw Zero and that fox Knightmare I started to remember my past.
I was always a sick child that grew up in the Chinese federation territory of Vietnam, when I was 5 my parents gathered enough money to take me to a start hospital but even they couldn’t help me. They only told me I would never reach the age of 12. I got lucky before I turned 10 some monks came to this village to find me. They told me I needed to come with them and told my parents if I did they would cure me.

My parents were so desperate to cure me they gave me to the monks and when I heard I could live I would do anything they wanted. The monks were taking me to Angkor Wat inside of a wagon they carried they were told by their founder about a cursed child destined to take in a beast and save free the world from the great powers grasp. After a long trip I made it to a giant temple complex and they took me to a room for me to see a carving on the wall with a monster with 10 tails, a man with strange ringed eyes and a man with star eyes. The monks said “the beast was destroying the world before the ring eyed man stopped it then he had to defeat the evil star eyed man to free the world.

The next thing they said is a person with the ringed eyes of rebirth and the star eyes heaven will return. They will gather the 9 beasts to aid save or destroy or imprison the world. the next week they spend going under a waterfall each day to be purified, then the next I spent alone with no food. The next they took me to a chamber and inserted something from a turtle shaped jar into me. The next 2 weeks I spend healing then I heard a voice saying “so you are my new host boy. Do you want to become a hero?” I asked the voice “who are you and where are you?”  the voice only said “you can call me 3 tails for now and look at your stomach.” I then lifted my shirt to see a symbol on it. The voice then spoke up and said “I am in there, inside that seal in your stomach.”

the next thing I knew the monks came into my room and said you are ready, the next stage of your training begins today. The monks trained me till I was 17 then recommended me an officer’s commendation in federation army. It turned out the thing that the monks put inside me was a 3 tailed spirit turtle that was part of the 10 tails at 1 time. That turtle’s power cured me of my disease and have me greater power in battle and with the turtle kung-Fu the monks trained me and the confidence of the young empress I became the most skilled general in the army and only had to use the full power of the turtle beast inside me to stave off the Britannian forces.

When I first met Zero in person my beast spoke to me again saying “that girl has both father’s eyes and the 9 tails.” I then asked “does that mean we should just her?” the beast said “trust her but not fully she could still be the destroyer, father’s prophesies where hard to tell. Foxes are tricky and super smart as well I could never tell what 9 tails was thinking.”

Suzaku pov
With the wedding between the first prince and empress of china I had to leave Nunnally to protect more important princes. With the black knights in the federation I wasn’t sure if I wouldn’t have to battle Lelouch or have sex with her. I hoped for the and not be used a piece in battle. It wasn’t long I ran into Zero and she dragged me to a closest and knocked me out for how long I wasn’t sure, but I woke up in a fancy bedroom strapped to a bed then I saw Lelouch walking up to me in a see-through teddy.

I then asked her “why I am strapped to this be Lelouch?” the girl then said “I didn’t want you to freak out and I like to see you tied down.” Then she came up to me, undid the straps and started to kiss me. In the first chance I got between kisses I asked “won’t people notice us gone.” She said while taking off her top “no they won’t I used stand ins.”

Lemon start
read fanfiction version to see
Lemon end
I then asked “why did you stop neither of us came?” she hushed me and said “I will make it up to you I heard this from some of my friends if I stop before cumming it can help me strive harder. I will need that extra push to defeat my brother in chess.” We then next back to the ball room and replace our stand end for Lelouch as Zero to be challenged in chess by prince Schneizel but Zero then said “why don’t we play the Japanese version of chess shougi?” the prince replied with “I never played that can you teach me in a practice game then we play seriously if defeat me best out of 5 I will give you Suzaku.” Before they could finish their set the General Xingke came in to start a coup d'état.

Xingke pov
Since the empress saved me and helped give me my position I owed the girl her freedom she shouldn’t have the marry a man twice her age because she is just a puppet ruler for the eunuchs, I also trusted to save her in my place. It wasn’t long after I tried that zero did kidnap the empress.

Tianzi pov
Zero took care of my well, the older girl treated me like both a little sister and a pawn at the same time. I felt that Zero might be an older sister she mostly left me with Kaguya. The dark haired girl viewed the female zero as a big sister and the male as a lover.

Xingke pov
Out of desperation to free the empress gave me a new custom dragon Knightmare and with it I took out the black knights’ red Knightmare and gave both the Knightmare and pilot to the Britannians only for them to turn on my rebellion. For my luck the black knights saved my forces.

Lelouch pov  
Fighting 2 armies was a bitch but it wasn’t impossible for me the but I didn’t need to defeat both I just needed to win the hearts and minds of the people of china. That wasn’t hard the Eunuchs had big mouths and no dicks, I got then too verbally betray their own country and then Xingke, Rai and I went full Biju to devastate the Chinese forces and cause many other Chinese federation people to rebel and join our side forcing the Britannian forces to retreat.

I then let Rai in charge and went back to the school to find Suzaku in my room with only a speedo on saying “I am waiting. How did you do that?” The surprise of seeing Suzaku ask me made my contract fall out. Showing my real eye. Then he said “what is with your eye? I thought that was part of your mask.” I then said “my eyes became like this after I confronted my father and got sent here. I have been using contact ever since.” Then I pushed Suzaku down and said “less talk and more sex.”

Lemon start
not here read on fanfiction
Lemon end
When I woke up it was just time for school. It turns out I was in better shape than my overworked aunt and I made it to school just in time.

Unknown pov
I just arrived in Britannia with my new body ready to meet Zero and get my revenge.

Chapter over
This story and bleached to loveru will break till at least april April. The next chapter should be part 2 of akito the exiled

Week of 2/7/16 Shirou muyo
Week of 2/14/16 Love and dueling
Week of 2/21/16 mafia princess of swords
Week of 2/29/16 exorcist x hunter
Week of 3/6/16 Shirou muyo
Also please vote on my servant poll for mafia princess of swords.
Sage of Britannia chapter 12 love and war in china
lemons removed go to my fan-fiction page… to read full


This chapter will cover the main china arc in r2 with major diversions. I will also touch on the jinkuriki in china. As well with deal with how Lelouch feels about her brothers.



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i am doing major gallery update and clean up TODAY making it easier to find pairing s

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