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doujin preview 152 by michelous
doujin preview 152
Taichi/tai x Daisuke/davis(Fem)
digimon doujinshi
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: sexual themes)
This chapter will go over the events of iron man 3 and Thor 2 and more Ichigo x Shirou x Rin stuff

Ichigo pov
My pregnancy wasn’t as bad Rin’s even if she had the same number of children in her because I could cheat using hollow, Quincy and soul reaper skills to. Rin was always jealous of me due to my skills even if we were friends and sister wives. Al would sometimes help with the babies till they needed to be changed or cried then she would call archer, Ganju or Kukaku, Kukaku would always refuse to change diapers so when a diaper needed changing it would be Archer and Ganju doing some crazy contest to decide sadly Ganju would lose unless it was a game of chance so 8 out of 10 times my male cousin would be on diaper duty.

Archer pov
I was kind of happy be summoned to this time again for a non-grail war more so to get to help raise my alternate self’s children. Even if Rin was the summoner she wasn’t the one that provided me with mana. My prana battery was Ichigo Kurosaki, Shirou’s first wife by 2 hour and the reincarnation of Saber. Ichigo pumped so much energy I couldn’t even go into spirit mode if I wanted to and dealing with the babies I wanted to.
The easiest baby to deal with was kiritsugu, the reincarnation of Lancelot of the lake; he was the most well behaved only crying for diaper change or food. The 2nd best child was Tokiomi, he was a little more aloof and cried if all the toys in his crib wasn’t 100% perfect or the bottle wasn’t the exact right heat he even only wanted Rin to use one breast over the other when feeding. The worst of the children was Masaki, that girl is a total brat the only thing I take solace in is Ichigo’s cousins have to deal with her more often than not.

The thing I hate most about this incarnation of myself is his luck is at least d or even c at best and he knew much more about his past and lineage that I ever did. He discovered the nameless swords that we make had a real purpose they were the base for spirit weapons called Zanpakuto that soul reapers used to balance out the after life. The other life that our 3rd incarnation had  was even better apparently this incarnation got to help craft the real heroes that saved New York, Tony Stark: Iron man, Steven Rogers: Captain America Bruce Banner: Hulk and he helped start the organization known as shield. I knew of this me before from meeting him in an attempted grail war in a different time he told me all of that before Shirou even shared the letter that version of me was a powerful caster so strong that his master couldn’t even use all the noble phantasms at he could muster. That war ended in total fail with no real winner or loser both of us lost out before we could get a decent conversation in.

I would have to Rin was a pretty good score but could even compare to Ichigo in any way but a more developed body. Ichigo was pretty much Saber if all of her stats were pretty much ex rank. She was barely human I would say at best ¼ of her could be considered human and she had an army of partial human beings called Quincy that took over a country for her so she even had diplomatic immunity.  

The biggest help in Shirou’s harem is Al Azif; the physical manifestation of the Necronomicon without her Shirou would’ve never been the man he became in either the other world or this one. She told me the adventures that the other Shirou then known as Kurou went on using magical giant robot called demonbane and his encounter with super powerful rogue mages and even his class with several gods known only in the works of H. P. Lovecraft, the last god took him all through the multiverse even seeing this universe and that he needed to give this universe all the help it needs.

Ichigo pov
Today changed every world the avengers battle of New York added the souls of the Chitauri and showed Mayuri power he could only imagine the power of the Hulk, Captain America and Iron man as well of those powers of Thor and Loki and Thor’s true power his hammer Mjölnir. Said hammer was so strong Shirou thought he might not be able to copy it and even if he did he might not be able to use it to its full strength. Soon after the battle, an old man with a full fight beard popped into the room using a strange power even without that power I could tell this man wasn’t normal human, Quincy, soul reaper or even hallow, he was something else entirely. The man had a short beard and long coat and called himself Kischur Zelretch Schweinorg or Zelretch for short. Zelretch’s said to me after kissing my hand were “Hello Quincy queen and shadow queen of Latveria Ichigo Kurosaki can I have a few words with your husband and his servant doppelganger.”

Shirou pov  
My newest quest was the legendary Wizard Marshall and master of the Second Magic Zelretch as he told us to call him, without his power Rin would’ve tackled him. He also greeted AL and said “happy to meet you in the flesh Necronomicon.” After greetings he took Archer and I into a back room for a private conversation. In the room/office the old vampire told my other self in red and I about the true origin of the 5 magics and how there were linked to research and trying to replicate 6 powerful objects in the galaxy known as the infinity stones and that someone known as Thanos would come to earth in a few years seeking said stones. 2 of said stone had already have affected the earth and another would be reeking havoc soon. He told us that all this knowledge was passed down to him by my alternate self, Kouzou Hadou and that if I am to meet the last member of his family I will have to do my magic schooling at Miskatonic University.

After the meeting, Ichigo, Rin and I all went to our respective colleges. Rin to the clock tower, Ichigo to Harvard to study politics with help of a shield tutor/handler if she needed it or not and I went Miskatonic University to further study magic theory and hope to meet Kouzou’s granddaughter Ruri.

Rin pov
With unusual happenings throughout London as of late possibly related to 2nd magic, Zelretch sent Luvia and I investigate any of these things we would find out what they really had to do with learning the 2nd magic. While looking for the first spot we met up with astrophysicist Dr. Jane Foster, here intern and her intern’s intern at the same spot an abandoned factory. In said factory portal were causing insanity in the laws of physics sending objects to how knows were. At the conclusion of these events Jane was taken to another world only to show up a little later. For a short time I got to meet the Thor the god of thunder himself before he left with Jane to get whatever power implanted in her out.

Shortly after Jane and Thor returned from worlds unknown that Luvia and I very jealous. After learning of Shirou’s true origins then meeting the goddess of a woman Ichigo I always felt inadequate I was hoping gaining the 2nd magic or something would help me feel better All get to make Ichigo cum when we get to meet .  When Jane and Thor came back they the dark elves attacked Greenwich the very place of some multiverse linking event called the Convergence using something that broke humanities peace even more a fucking multiverse ship. With the help of Jane’s mentor Dr. Selvig and his inventions we helped Thor defeat the ruler of the Dark elves and save the universe at least I will have something to lord over Shirou and Dark elf finger to sell to the highest bidder at the clock tower. Little did I know in the background events that would shape the multiverse were happening in the background?

Shirou pov
Before Rin’s adventure with Thor While I was studying at Miskatonic, my godson Tony Stark got into his own issues challenging a mad man calling himself the Mandarin over the injury of his security chief happy. I learned most of that from the person her thought of as a cousin Ruri. Ruri was the only girl the lady’s man of iron would never hit on heck he had a bodyguard just to follow her to her dorm. That girl was her roommate 245 lbs Russian girl Tony paid for schooling and body guarding it was hard for me to even get to take to Ruri due to that titan. Tony’s stupid actions got his house blown up and forced him to goto a small town in Tennessee. Ruri told me the person she called aunt pepper was taken by that man behind the Mandarin and Tony and pepper defeated that man in an epic armor vs. super hot supermen over a dock with the vice president’s life on the line leading to Tony trashing his armors and quitting the whole Iron Man gig.

After Rin’s adventure I would have to save Ruri from the return of Hydra but that story is for another day.
Sabers rebirth chapter 9 their reveals

End of chapter

Next chapter will be captain America 3 and some agents of shield content and maybe some guardians’ content it will work

Coming chapters will be more agents of shield and more my own story

I am working on bringing back some other projects or working on new projects

So vote on poll  

Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: sexual themes)
Saber rebirth chapter 8 their aftermath
This will cover the aftermath of the 1000 year blood war
Shirou and Ichigo meeting and right before their college situation
Extra long chapter for make up
I will be referring to s.h.i.e.l.d. as shield for easer typing

While Ichigo is training in royal realm Shirou pov
I received a letter, from my other self again this time it included a train ticket to Karakura Town a small city close to Tokyo, my older alternate universe self’s letter this time said

“You need to use this ticket today to meet saber’s reincarnated self and don’t bring Al, Rin, or Miyu Ichigo’s father won’t be happy with his daughter part of your harem or you sharing his daughter with another woman. You also have to make sure Avalon is with you because you will have to give it back at least for a short time and maybe not get it back at all timelines are hard to tell and you could use the healing but won’t need it if need be Al can help with your healing.”

 I wonder what the post office thinks with me get letters from before I was even born sent to me.  The Japanese mail carrier wouldn’t react but the other carriers most have back to the future 3 moments. I also wonder just how many letters and packages my alternate self sent and who he might have touched and inspired maybe when the time gets closer he will tell me his identity so I could meet any family he may have made over the decades. For the convincing Rin to not come I had to tap my father’s accounts to buy Rin some large gems for Al and Miyu I had to promise to make each of their favorite deserts and non-deserts foods alternating until I leave for college.

I took a train ride to Karakura to have a car meet me at the train station and take me to Kurosaki clinic. At the clinic I was greeted by a young girl about Miyu’s age with black hair and a white sailor uniform with a blue shirt. The girl asked “Who are you and what do you want? You don’t look injured.” using less feminine vocabulary than most girls except Taiga used.  My response was I am here to meet your sister. The girl responded with “she’s out.” As she said that I was greeted by a man with the same black hair a little taller than me and a centimeter or so shorter than what my height would be when I hit archer’s height. The man said “Karin that is no way to greet guests. You must boy Ichigo meet in Fuyuki City right before Yuzu and Karin were born. My name is Isshin Kurosaki and this is my daughter Karin. Like my daughter said my oldest daughter Ichigo is out but she should be home soon son.” From structural I could tell his body wasn’t a real human body it was much closer the puppet body Touko Aozaki but much high quality most magi could barely tell that the body was fake but I could tell from deeper analysis I could tell he was something divine. His tomboy daughter had a real body but deep down was part human and part whatever Isshan was.

I told Isshan that I had no memory of anything before 11 years ago save for his daughter’s face and in exchange he told me what my birthfather and birthmother did. My mother ran and inn and my father made knives of very high quality but he didn’t know my birth name or my family name he did say Ichigo might remember what my mother and father may have looked like. The next thing Isshan showed me was photos of Ichigo from the birth to the time I met her to current pictures her current look was just like saber but with strawberry blond hair instead of Saber’s much lighter blond hair. The raven hair man asked me if I loved Ichigo back then. I told him I may have loved her but lost those memories in the fire. He wanted me to marry Ichigo but said I would have to meet her and maybe get to know her before that happens.

With waiting we were joined by another visitor a man with dark skin and sun glasses and very crazy hair style he was he his name is Oetsu Nimaiya and he was my ancestor from over 1000 year ago he told Isshan Ichigo would be joining us soon and that Ichigo’s father would need to tell her about how her mother and father met. Nimaiya said that descendants with similar powers to him pop every few generations the only other of note was Koga Kuchiki was framed and went insane due to rebellions, clan politics and his own Zanpakuto. Koga’s Zanpakuto was a manifestation of powers like my own the power to bring out the spirits of Zanpakuto and turn them against their wielder the very name of the Zanpakuto was his families name in life. A power close to that of a royal guard is what let the Kuchiki elders make him acceptable to marry an heir. Both the Zanpakuto and Koga are sealed in different locations; I can not reveal either location in risk one is listening.

Your power came from both your parents’ marriage and the Avalon inserted into your body. I can not reveal what your parents looked like but I can tell you their origins both were the last 2 members of their families your father was a capable of making magical blade and your mother a heir to a ninja family both with strong magic circuits not quite bluebloods but both very strong in their own writes. Your reality marble shows your soul reaper heritage, only magi or vampires or servant with soul reapers in their family line can many famous people in history have had reaper blood in them Nero the emperor of Rome, Alexander the Great, and Joan of Arc are among humans that have had reality marbles the other wielders being True Ancestors are were born from proto soul reapers.

With that knowledge Nimaiya left having to prepare for Ichigo to arrive in his realm and be sent back here to learn about her of her past and receive Avalon from me.  For 3 days and night I stayed with the Kurosaki’s helping them cook, clean and help take of patients while wait for Ichigo to come back Isshan and the twin kept commenting on the fact with my cooking and cleaning skills I would make a better wife than I husband for Ichigo. I even brought some of the medical equipment in the clinic up to better than new. About 11pm of the last night Ichigo returned Isshan told her about how he and her mother Masaki met and I told her the truth origin of the Quincy king as told by my alternate self and left her with Avalon. When we stared in each other’s eyes before she left I could tell we both were in love at first sight but Ichigo had to bury her feeling till the battle was done not letting them bring her down for the coming battles before her. My last words to her before she left were “good luck and come back to me safely.”

Right as Ichigo left we were greeted by more visitors with machines to tell when powerful beings came through gates between worlds. The first person out of the car was a woman that called herself Jane Foster. Jane asked “my machine told me a powerful being passed through a gate here a few times.” Isshan told her this is the gate to the world of the dead the soul society. With that call a man came out of another car saying “we have to leave the Director will do a follow up in a few days but we can’t do anything else.”

The group left but the last part that the agent said means we would get more visitors in a week’s time. After another few hours Ichigo returned through a gate that looked like an old style Japanese home gate, then fell asleep in my arms. My next move was to place Ichigo in her bed for recovery.

After the battle Ichigo pov
I told my new Quincy followers: Pernida Parnkgjas letter c, Askin Nakk Le Vaar letter d, Liltotto Lamperd letter g, Bazz-B letter h, Gerard Valkyrie letter m, Meninas McAllon letter p, Candice Catnipp letter t, Lille Barro letter x and Giselle Gewelle letter z as well as numerous Quincy of the Jagdarmee and Soldat. I told them to wait in the Silbern in the soul society into I recovered enough to figure out a place for them. The captain commander was ok with my choice as long as Quincy didn’t stay for good. After that I left through the gate to rest and try to figure out what to do with my new army and clan politics and my new crimson haired friend.

A week later Ichigo pov
I woke up a week later and the first thing I did was eat a plate of food sitting on the kitten table the food was crepes, fruit and bacon I knew for a fact Yuzu couldn’t cook this food Yuzu could cook basic Japanese dishes and American ones not fancy French stuff. When I ate the food the taste was heavenly the person that made this was a master chef. After wolfing down my food I looked up to see the face of a tall teenager the same person that gave me the Avalon sheath. I didn’t know if I wanted to slap him or kiss him he made me feel like I did with Rukia but the good thing is at least he didn’t want to ague like Rukia did. I guess that was the main thing that kept Rukia and I apart was we would always fight.

After our stair down, we introduced each other the boy was Shirou Emiya but that wasn’t the name he went by when we met before the fire he learned his true name but lived longer as Shirou Emiya to want to go back to it. The one thing Shirou kept trying to not call me was Saber I had to correct him several times I knew that he must have had feeling for that me that became the servant Artoria Pendragon. I had the memories and feelings the Saber me had for him but I have to get to know him for longer than 2 weeks to decide that if the Shiba clan doesn’t decide that for me.

Before we could learn about each other someone came to speak with the both of us. This person was a bald African man with an eye patch named Nick Fury; he was here talk with the both of us separately.  Apparently Urahara worked with shield as a soul reaper consultant around a little before my parents met since shield couldn’t do anything Urahara kept them informed of goings on the world of soul society and Hueco Mundo. The main question he asked was what my plan was for the Quincy. I told Fury “I will use the Quincy army to help people as best they can as an army for justice. Maybe I will find a country for the Quincy to live on one where no one will persecute us my people deserve peace.” Fury told me I might have use of an army and a country for there is a dictator that we need disposed.” That country was Latveria under the dictator Victor von Doom I returned my army to full power and they took over Latveria using their Vollständig in 16 days the dictator Doom was sent to a shield prison to rot for his crimes, Bazz-b was left a the ruling face while I was known as the shadow ruler and Quincy consultant for shield.

Shirou pov
After Ichigo was done I had my chat with Fury he went over the fact he knew all about the grail war and used my adopted father’s services as much as the clock tower did. He offered me a job with shield to be a real hero but I turned it down for now so I could do schooling.  After our meeting with Fury I set up a date with Ichigo then headed home to deal with my most likely pissed off first girlfriend, grimoire and little sister who hadn’t seen me in a week. After explaining my self to them I made up partly with my deals to them and went for a date in the soul society in one of the higher class areas in formal kimonos to not stand out. The best part was during the time of our date that district was having a festival to a local god Mimihagi for the fall of the Quincy king.

During that date I told her about Rin and my promise to her to at least provide Rin with an heir to the Tohsaka family. After meeting with Rin I got Ichigo to agree to share and the night after meeting the 3 of us had amazing sex I made sure to use condoms to prevent my girls from getting pregnant yet. My next time in the soul society I met with Ichigo and the Shiba clan elders after Nimaiya came and informed the elders of my power to make Asauchi they couldn’t deny my marriage to Ichigo they even set up a date for our wedding.

The good fact for Ichigo is her hallow healing factor made it so she could pass any virginity test elders needed to do. With Ichigo being my official soul society wife Rin demanded to be my wife in the human world and have her wedding to me the same day and Ichigo’s wedding to me. Miyu was both happy and jealous that she would get 2 older sisters they only solace to her was that my sister would get to be their flower girl. Speaking of Miyu she had become good friends Ichigo’s sisters with all 3 of them being the same age and going to the same schools. Karin was Ichigo’s maid of honor and Sakura was Rin’s. For my wedding to Ichigo I had Issei as my best man while for Rin’s wedding it was Shinji.

The insanity and after sex of both wedding wore me out so much I sleep for a week and knew how Ichigo’s epic battle was with the stress of planning 2 weddings, a honeymoon and an epic wedding night. The place of our honeymoon was Latveria were Ichigo’s Quincy followers waited on us hand and foot the little girl Quincy Liltotto Lamperd was an amazing cook all most up to my level as she said her letter designation was G- the Glutton. During the day we had fun exploring the locations of Ichigo’s country at night we had lots of sex I was pretty sure both Rin and Ichigo were pregnant at this point but I was too busy to check. Rin was happy of that Latveria had the prefect gems to Tohsaka gem craft. On our trip back to Japan I checked and found out Rin was pregnant with one baby and Ichigo twins it was still too early in either’s pregnancy to confirm genders but Ichigo knew that she was having a boy and a girl due to promising Mordred and Lancelot that fact made Rin jealous again forcing me to have at least 1 other kid with her after she has her first.

9 months later, both girls my children Rin had a boy with the same red hair as mine named Tokiomi Emiya and Ichigo’s Twins wear a black haired boy Kiritsugu Shiba and a girl with the same red hair as mine named Masaki Shiba. The official nannies for our children were Ichigo’s cousins Kukaku and Ganju for Masaki and Rin summoned the counter guardian version of me for Tokiomi. After the births and before college the world changed the supernatural door burst wide open for the hold to see that event was the battle of New York the mad frost giant/god of mischief, Loki let loose an army of alien life forms known as the Chitauri named by the Mage's Association type-c, but thanks to the avengers the invasion was fought off and revealed the monsters of science: Captain America, Iron man and the Hulk and the other new type type-a or Asgardian Thor and Loki even Archer saw this and relived this new world was more fucked than any world or war. The counter force aided the avengers in winning but both Gaia and Alaya had to be metaphorically terrified as the Mage’s Association of whatever power brought an extraterrestrial army.

I knew this was a new world so with these changes I had to show the letters our alternate self sent to me. Those 2 letters made archer smile but at the same time Zelretch came to me and archer with another letter and a warning.
Sabers rebirth chapter 8 their aftermath


End of chapter note

I will go into the infinity stones and the thanos treat and a little on dr strange as well as the Thor 2 and iron man 3 content maybe even capt 2 I am still bubbling the ideas in my head



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