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doujin preview 194 by michelous
doujin preview 194
fem kuroko x kamagi x Akashi
kuroko's basket ball doujin
english out
Exorcist x hunter chapter 7 friends and contracts

This will focus on the some of the early part of d.gray-man with Gon and Pitou helping Allen in the first part of the series another member will join their group I wont spoil for now also the order making a contract with Allen for help due with the Noah doing much more damage without the help Allen gave in the early series there will also be a fateful meeting in this chapter

Allen pov
  My 2 friends and I were continuing our hunt for akuma this time our current client for the hunt was the queen of the land of my birth England, she feared that her capitol city was having issues due to akuma infesting its bowels the major guess for an akuma or akuma infestation was a killer going under the same MO jack the ripper cutting up it victims rather than killing them like standard akuma. If I had to guess it was a level 1.5 or 2 I hadn’t called Pitou and Gon to help me since Pitou was in yearly heat period the best option I had in past periods was to let them be and make sure they were well stocked on condoms and contraceptives medication for about a week. Even without my cat-ant friends I was sure I would have too many problems since the death rate was only a small number of ladies of the night.

In the middle of my investigation I met to police officers Moore and Charles, Moore was a female officer with a decent figure, long brown hair, glasses and blue eyes and Charles was a middle age man of a decent height and graying hair.  In a spot bad luck for them they came into the church I was fighting a level on akuma, this akuma wasn’t the killer I was looking for but a stay level 1 either helping the killer or just left by the earl to cause trouble. The 2 police officers had more bad luck as in Charles did from a stray blood bullet to the heart and Moore was out was akuma virus releases from the dying beast. After killing the monster I forced to drag more back to the station, bad luck for me the police arrested me for killing Charles and hurting Moore. I having nothing to do but wait for the akuma to come out again and the weak smell of blood on Moore’s clothing meant she was my best lead so I let myself be interrogated while I wait for the poison to get out of her system and wake up.

The police were stuff just telling me to confess with my cursed eye and akuma weapon arm they considered me a circus freak and a 2nd class citizen just telling me to confess and they knew I was the murderer. Not feeling like dealing with their idiocy I just keep silent and waited silently for Moore letting them think I was what the thought I was a male circus freak, but when Moore checked on me I revealed myself as both a girl and a hunter the other police shut up. I used my authority as a hunter on a job for the throne to get more to take me to her house a place to stay. I could have used my vast fortune I had to stay a luxury hotel room but staying with Moore to check and see if my hunch was right.

At Moore’s flat I met the killer an akuma using her brother’s skin to kill and fuel its evolution slowly the earl must have ordered him to kill small amount of people as a test or was even in the area incognito just experimenting. My next move was to scratch the akuma with my finger in hopes to draw it out but small probes and pokes didn’t convince the hidden akuma to show its true form. At night when I was going to sleep the akuma tried to kill me saying “exorcist you were lucky I was told to never show my true form during the daytime your pokes with your innocence hurt but I couldn’t move until now.” The akuma still in human form pulled out a dagger above me and said “die exorcist.” As the monster tried to kill me I used my aura to protect myself from the weapon the akuma was confused having no idea how I defended myself changed to it true form. That was what I wanted I changed my innocence to its 3rd form and used my cape to capture the akuma and show Moore her stepbrother for what he really was a killing machine fueled by her sister’s soul and dark matter. With the claws of my clown crown I killed the akuma in an instant then I told her that the new ripper was now dead and who her stepbrother really was. She cried in my arms so I told her my story from beginning to present times.  Moore decided she was going to leave the police and to achieve her new goal to become a hunter as strong as I was.

The next day went back to the house Gon and Pitou had rented for their love shack to find the heat period done and then went to queen’s secretary to collect my earnings for the hunt and told the secretary to call me if any other akuma related issues arise. The secretary told me there might be something else in a small town known as Cheddar. That was our next stop.  

Pitou pov

Outside the city we found one of the one of the black order’s finders, finders are group of volunteers working for Black Order who traverse the world, studying abnormal phenomena and determining the possible locations of shards of Innocence their uniform is the long, cream-colored, hooded jackets they wear, which are lined with zippers on the left and the right breast. I used my Doctor Blythe to integrate the finder his name was Lukas told me after minimal poking the area was having space time related problems as in the same day repeating itself over and over. After I let Lukas go and removed his memory of my poking t d I even erased every wound so he had nothing to show. It turns out he recently called the black order and backup from headquarter was due later today at least 2 exorcists or more were going to arrive if we didn’t wrap up this issue and claim the piece of innocence and depending on exactly how long this has been going the earl might also be sending in a few akuma was well so we have a few hours to before the area becomes a battlefield to either convince the innocence contractor to either give up the item or even kill them if they are a treat.

Allen pov

It turns out while waiting for Pitou I spotted company first being a girl with an akuma in the distance the girl was a human but couldn’t be a normal human either a hunter that could control akuma or one of these Noah clan members, I heard rumors of these when I was in the order and even more from hunters that were involved in collecting innocence they were classed at c class treat minimum and even if they had been killed they were known for coming back with a vengeance unless someone had an innocence weapon they couldn’t be killed and they could still reincarnate as long as they had living family members. The good thing I that this girl was at least a few hours off and with soon the finder ran off to meet more trouble makers 2 exorcists that could be more different the first was an old Asian man and the other was a teenage Asian girl about a little older than me and a lot more girly than I with an short skirt and long hair in twin ponytails one on each side and much bustier than I was. I recognized the girl as the same one I met before I escaped the black order at least she looked less scared and friendlier her name was Lenalee Lee. To hid my so I asked Pitou to dye my hair and put some make-up on my face. I was secretly hoping that the other member came was the Japanese samurai boy we met as our group left Mater. We had a fun sword fight even if I used my ice powers to trap him and make my escape. He was pissed when we took the doll’s heart parasite type innocence and gave it to Pitou.

It didn’t take long for our group to the woman whose out of control nen was making the innocence, an old grandfather clock with innocence in the face warping time warping powers set off by its bonded host’s nen to fulfill her want for a perfect day. This bonded was an extremely depressed woman named German woman who moved to Cheddar, England to try and make her feel better and get her hopes of finding a job up her time control would make her a specialist. We arrived at her house at the same time as the Noah girl and the exorcists. I quickly killed the akuma the Noah girl named Road Camelot brought with her. Road after seeing my prowess asked “who are you red hair boy or are you a girl not sure and kitty boy and kitty girl?” I responded with “I am a girl I won’t tell you my name now but we are hunters and my cat friends are chimera ants if you need to know.” The words ‘hunters’ and ‘chimera ants’ made the girl scared she must have heard both hunters and chimera ants from her boss and said “I don’t have nearly akuma or help to deal with 3 hunters 2 being chimera ants with innocence to play with you now maybe later when I have more playmates. Bye.” Then the ashen skinned girl escaped through a hole in space not ready to face us. I decided it was best to leave the innocence and the woman with the exorcists the girl Lenalee and the man only known as Bookman because the only real way to remove innocence from its bonded person was to kill them or use a nen exorcist. Since I don’t want to kill the woman or have a nen exorcist I made the choice to leave Miranda with the 2 black order members for mental help and innocence training maybe after she receives proper training in her innocence and gets the needed psychiatric help I will offer her to become a hunter as well.

On the way to our next job in Rome we had a brief fight in alps with another Noah this one put up a little fight but after I made the storm much worse he decided I wasn’t the right enemy to face right now and left pissed off telling the earl the message I left for him “Mana’s daughter is coming for you and will kill you as soon as she sees you face to face.” I left the Noah named Skin Bolic buried in the snow to ruminate in his to defeat them dig himself out to later get saved by someone and report to his boss.

The job in Rome was to deal with a person in gladiator garbs possessed by a piece of innocence clearly not meant for him taking over the man’s will forcing him to fight anybody and everybody he considered strong. We decided to gather information on the man and I asked Pitou to find the only nen exorcist she knew of her follow chimera ant Hina while Gon and I asked around the villages. In the area before we could find the info need some Akuma and the Black Order members Lenalee and the samurai boy I now learned was named Yu Kanda arrived to fight the warrior with Kanda wounded from one fight came back to fight again and this time Gon and I aid helped in the fight until Kanda told us to let him fight alone and won the battle by getting the sword stuck in his own body removing the man’s arm then the finder brought the girl the man served and let the man die in peace. With Kanda recovering from his wounds I planted a kiss on the passed out teenager’s lips and we took the sword with use for later use. Seeing our capture of another piece of innocence they were going to have to hire my group for help very soon.

After the coliseum incident the black order picked up another member in Romania the descendant the famous occultist Aleister Crowley the person was the 5th of his ancestor’s name and gained vampirism like powers expect Aleister’s taste was for akuma and akuma virus infected blood. The innocence manifested in the man’s teeth and blood at some point he could even use his blood as a powerful anti-akuma weapon of his own.

After the order got Crowley the Noah clan went of the offensive taking out General Kevin Yeegar and 7 normal exorcists, that incident forced the order’s hand and made them call the hunter’s association for a contract with my group to for a contract with us to buy the innocence we held and our services for the order. When Pitou, Gon and I arrived at the Black Order’s European branch I said “hi Yu would you like another blue kiss on the lips like last time.” The Japanese boy blushed furiously and asked the head of the branch “why are we working with the mercenaries and innocence thieves?” I then corrected his and said we aren’t simple mercs we are hunters.”
Exorcist x hunter chapter 7 friends and contracts

Chapter is done next week I will try and get the next chapter of sage of Britannia  I be working on that story till I finish part 1 and maybe I will get back to sage devil again after I get more sage of Britannia part 1 done the week after next I will be going on a trip so I am not sure when the fic after that will get done.

doujin preview 208 by michelous
doujin preview 208
kaneki/sasaki x touka
tokyo ghoul doujin
english version up
Queen of game Princess of Uranus chapter 2 new enemies, new friends

This chapter will set up the Death Busters, the inner and outer scouts meeting and deal with the fall out of season 3 and 4 of gx and Judai will get a rival from one manga wait to read to see who

Attacks/card names
Normal speech

Johan pov
Michiru, Judai and I moved into a new penthouse in Tokyo within walking distance of our new high school Setsuna Meioh tried to split us up but my families money and our combined powers show of powers we convinced her to let us stay together as long as Michiru could stay with us and we had room for others if need. My personal guess is it meant we might have other freeloaders at some later date. I didn’t care about Michiru she was friendly enough but seemed to have minor fear of boys and idolized Judai as her sempai and might have greater feelings. I would be filling to share Judai if she developed feeling for Michiru my biggest hope is the sea green hair girl grows a little closer to me and gets over her fear of boys.

Right after her pc was all set up Judai checked her email to get information on her future teammates she told me about the profiles and powers of each one in reverse planet order she started “1st is Makoto Kino aka Sailor Jupiter Soldier of Thunder and Strength, the girl is very much a contradiction between feminine and masculine features she is in some ways a tomboy like me but in other she is girly she lives on her own with both parents died in a plane crash leaving enough inherence for the girl to live on her own. 2nd we have Minako Aino aka sailor Venus or sailor v Soldier of Love and Beauty she is the longest active senshi she was active 1 year before the other senshi fighting Dark Kingdom. She was helping Interpol agents stop their activities while being a pop acting as a pop singer to give a good reason for her travels in the moon kingdom she was decoy for sailor due to how closely they looked. 3rd is Rei Hino aka Sailor Mars Soldier of Fire and Passion. She is a shrine maiden with limited powers of sealing even in her non-transformed state those powers might be related like my own to another past life she has the most self control of the girls and contrary to being a shrine maiden she goes to a Catholic school she is also into older boys manga series. 4th is Ami Mizuno aka sailor mercury Soldier of Water and Wisdom and very very smart IQ as high as Misawa she was at one time a promising duelist but forced to attend a normal school after the controversies with duel academy her problem with duel monsters is like many others the recent controversies and turning parents away from duel monsters and the reason we are doing the d-wheel project to reinvigorate duel monsters for the current generation. The last and leader of the senshi is Usagi Tsukino aka sailor moon Soldier of Love and Justice before regaining her memories of her past life was a lazy, careless crybaby but since meeting the other she was grown very much as person in the past she was daughter of my rival the queen of the moon kingdom. Pluto hinted that the girl may have further destiny as future queen of the earth with her boyfriend as her husband and king. The last member of the group is her boyfriend Mamoru Chiba aka Tuxedo Mask he is 2 years older than Usagi and in his past life he was our grandson he has some of our combined powers but without the Golden Crystal his powers don’t even come close to ours. He still holds the crystals and souls of his former friends and soldiers but without the golden crystal or the powers of your rainbow dragon they can’t be revived.”

Michiru pov
I always idolized Judai since I thought she was a boy but I was always to shy to approach her. She shined too bright and her battle of wits with Ms. Setsuna showed me how much her mental growth was. Even at duel academy I felt both mine and her power. Being so close to her was nice and her husband was nice but still scared me I knew he probably wouldn’t hurt me I thought the same of my dad and he made me play my piano so much it hurt that was the reason mom sent me to duel academy to be safe from him. I am terrified of the monsters we will face as sailor senshi but Ms. Setsuna said with our power those monsters will be easy pickings.

Mamoru pov
I was at my apartment studying when I heard a ring at my apartment door it was a boy a few years younger than me not Japanese western in origin with teal hair he said to me “I am hear to help you with an issue with some crystals you have. I heard you have some rare crystals a Jadeite, Nephrite, Zoisite and a Kunzite crystal.” With naming of the crystals of my former generals I wondered just who the boy was he seemed to know me but I could be sure how. Then I had a vision of my past life as the prince of earth on the wall was a painting of my father when he was younger and a girl that must have been his sister and 2 adults my grandparents in that life the boy resembled my grandfather. He then said “bingo you just had a vision former grandson it is so weird to be in the same era as former your grandson and be younger than him.” I replied with “how are you hear and how did you know who I am and how did you know I had a vision.” He then said “let me introduce myself first since I know who you are Mr. Chiba my name is Anderson pro-duelist and heir to the Anderson family. I my 2nd past life as Princess Neptune’s cousin and captain of her lead ship I was regained my memories of my other past life quickly and had a chance to view earth and see you and the plight of your friends and generals Princess Pluto told me of your plight when I got the info from her using my power. You might have been able to free your generals yourself but when you find the golden crystal but you lack it at this point and lack the power to release them from their crystal tombs. But I gained the power to free them. Show me were the crystals are and I can help.” I sensed the boy had power his power was growing building by the minute in the chance to free my friends I trusted him and took Johan him to my study were I kept the general crystals and got them out to see what he could do. The teal hair boy then brought his hand over the crystals and the spirits of Jadeite, Nephrite, Zoisite and Kunzite came out showing their presence at his power and behind Johan were a 7 animals I looked up Johan on my phone and found his deck was crystal beasts his monsters were those 7 animals the 7 crystal beasts a blue 4 ear cat like animal ruby Carbuncle, a gray 4 tusk elephant amber mammoth, a horned white tiger topaz tiger, a large pink cat amethyst cat, a white winged horse Sapphire Pegasus, a tortoise with jewels on its back emerald tortoise, and an eagle with jewels on its wings cobalt eagle then when he drew on even more power behind the beasts was white dragon with all 7 crystal covering his body the ultimate gem lord rainbow dragon using the dragon’s power I could see the teal hard breathing hard and soaked in sweet. The crystal of my friends glowed then he said “it’s done” then he passed out and the duel spirits vanished. The next thing I saw was a brilliant bright light then my generals alive in physical form very much alive. The first words out of the generals mouths was “he did it the crystal lord revived us.” I turned passed out Johan’s body over and saw a note in his pocket saying “call number on this note my wife and your past life grandmother.” I then used my phone to call the number and a woman answered and said “you must be Mamoru. Jo-chan said he might need to use all his power to revive them. I will bring them van we have a place they can live call the senshi after we get them settled in.” and then she hung up. About 30 minutes later a man in a suit drove up in a fancy van it must have been brand new. Then a girl with platinum blond hair came out and said Mamo-chan my name is Judai Yuki Anderson that teal haired idiot’s wife can you and your friends help carry him to the van.” I got the former dark generals and said to them “Nephrite and Kunzite since you 2 are the strongest please carry your savior down to the van that is the least you can do for him for reviving you all and providing a place all to live. The driver gave them a stretcher to bring the teal head down and opened the back door for us to seat him. The blond girl then said get in boys we have to get you’ll more clothing gray uniforms are so not in style.” Jadeite then said “what ever you say Supreme queen but I like this outfit” Judai said to him “I know you like it but that is the only thing you have you need something else to wear and call me Judai.” he then said “yes my que um Judai” Judai then picked up her phone and called someone saying in a stronger voice “Setsuna I need you to make identities for the dark generals and sign them up for school with us.” Zoisite then asked “why do we have to go to school? We have the knowledge of our past lives” Judai said in the same commanding voice “because your queen orders it after you finish school maybe I can give you a job but wouldn’t you boys like to see your girlfriends in school and surprise them.” With that all the generals blushed and then Zoisite said “as you wish my queen err Judai”

We went to Akihabara and bought the boys outfits of their choice. Johan woke up after Judai was kissing him in the van if we didn’t get to the store any sooner the newly weds might have had sex in back of the van. Seeing their lustful energy made me wonder if Usagi and I would be this Gung ho when we first get married I guess being hormonal teenagers gave them insane sex drive as well. At the store Judai made sure to note the boys’ sizes and text them to my guess was the same person she called when she arrived at my place. The blond girl them said after looking at a text boys your new surname is Chiba same as your former prince and your cover is you’re his long lost cousins if any one asks too many questions say you are half Japanese with foreign parents. The place that the generals would live was a 4 bedroom penthouse right under the Andersons’ penthouse. After the newly weds helped the boys gets settled in they snuck back to their room my guess was to have sex.

Judai pov

It was these last day before school and Michiru and I were going shopping for our own cloths then going to head to the local Kaiba dome for a duel, the contract with Kaiba we made let us have unlimited use but our fun was interrupted when I got a call from Setsuna the other senshi were having issues with a new type of monster one of science and magic called a daimon and it was stronger that anything the had fought before strong enough they needed our help. The next step I made was to go into an ally with Michiru and use our wands to transform I said “Uranus star power” and was briefly naked and then in senshi uniform. After I was done Michiru did the same except saying “Neptune star power” instead.  Then we headed to the place our fellow senshi to see them in dire shape most of the other senshi were down and the monster had damaged sailor moon’s transformation broach sending the bun head back her civilian form vulnerable to attack. Before the daimon could hurt her I arrived and I blasted the tree shrine maiden monster with my world shaker and destroyed its dark seed returning it back to it original form.

After the battle Sailor Neptune and myself revealed ourselves to the other senshi and said “we are sailor Uranus and Neptune other the outer senshi. You may have met our teammate Pluto and we will be aiding you all when the situation call for it your powers may reach our levels in the future so be ready us and get your games to our level.”

Usagi pov

The fight yesterday left me with more questions than answers Luna told the other senshi and I about how sailor Uranus, Neptune and Saturn along with Pluto if the treat needed it guarded the moon kingdom from treats beyond the sailor system and them showing up means that this new enemy was at that level at least. The point that they were strong enough to remove Rei’s heart and damage my broach showed their strength and we would need to get our games up to a higher level. That phase was strange I have only heard it when my younger brother watched pro-duel monsters matches on TV that told me the platinum blond sailor Uranus might have played duel monsters for a time like Ami or even be a pro-duelist.

The next day Mamoru asked out for a date to both exchange what we saw and bring each others spirits up after our loss. The date was a lunch date followed by going to Mamoru’s place to talk. Study and make out. The major issue with the whole date was it felt like my boyfriend was hiding something from me, something he couldn’t tell me yet. When I went to his library like I did many times before the 4 crystals that have always been there were gone when I asked my boyfriend he said “that is something I can’t tell you at this point but soon I can tell you. But I do love you with all my heart I want to marry you badly but the time isn’t right when all our battles are over when can finally be married and someday have Chibi Usa.” The feelings of love welled up in me and restored and changed by broach and to a new shape what new form I would gain was unknown to me.

The day we started our new high school and as other senshi and I arrived at school we saw a limo heading to the school as well and out of it came Jadeite, Nephrite, Zoisite and Kunzite all back in physical form.

Sorry for late release I was having issues with my pc. That is end of the chapter next up is exorcist x hunter for the epic return of d. gray-man then will be sage of Britannia up to the end of r 1 after that is done I have a new fic I have been planning for awhile
Queen of game Princess of Uranus chapter 2 new ene

Attacks/card names

Normal speech

Sorry for late release I was having issues with my pc. That is end of the chapter next up is exorcist x hunter for the epic return of d. gray-man then will be sage of Britannia up to the end of r 1 after that is done I have a new fic I have been planning for awhile



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