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Bleached love-ru chapter 1 the girl from space

This is first chapter of story I have been hinting I decided to write it after a long while it is also on my pole and doing well so If I might write chapter 2 in a few weeks if everything goes well Ichigo will be very different than Rito much more confident but still nervous around naked girls also this story will start 1 month before lost soul reaper. So that arc will start in this story and go into the blood war arc but there will be dealing with Lala and Yami and the gang before it happened also Meah will be created using Ichigo’s mother’s DNA making her part Quincy I think I might use her as one of the missing letters in the Sternritter wait and see

Normal speech
Hollow speech
Zanpakuto speech

Ichigo pov
It has been 16 months since the battle with Aizen my life has been pretty normal. The biggest thing that made me unhappy was the lack of Rukia in my life I have missed her a lot to the point were I might even have had feelings for her I would have to see the midget to be sure myself. At times I think she might be in the city watching me I feel she is around me watching me sleep from my closet but never see her. I sometimes ask Karen but either she isn’t telling me or Rukia is hiding herself much better.

In school I have been getting good grades as well as being official paid gofer for team or club willing to pay me as well as school enforcer keeping the punks either in line or out of the school entirely. Another thing I have been noticing is the girls have been starting to acknowledge me more even to the point was some girls have been either leaving letters or asking me out on dates. For reading I have still been reading classic British and American books as well starting to look into medical books to prepare me for pre-med and medical school I plan to if I ever get my powers back try and get dad or maybe Hanataro or another member of squad 4 to teach me healing kido as well for that extra help.

That day of school was fairly normal school then paid club practice with the rugby club paying for me today then working at my job to help save for overseas medical schooling, When I got home my plans where dinner then a bath then bed but that bath changed my life forever.

The bath started out normal getting the water going while getting undressed after getting in a chilled out in the bath sitting down to soak but before I got out to wash myself off a girl popped in naked with a decent figure not too busy but not flat as Hiyori or Rukia. If I had to compare her bust size to me female friend it would be about Tatsuki’s size maybe a little smaller. After I got my eyes of the girl’s bust I got to see her face and her hair, her face was very cute with a big smile and her hair was pink pretty close to Yachiru’s shade. My next goal was to find out who the girl was so I asked “who are you are how did you get into my bath and why are you NAKED?” before the pink hair girl could reply I heard a voice in my head I hadn’t heard in months and months it was the distorted version of my own voice that was my inner hollow saying “why ask she is naked let your instincts take over and take her and make her yours,”  before I could tell my hollow to shut up the girl replied I a cute voice “my name is Lala Satalin Deviluke and I am what you could call an alien see my tail” as she turned around and showed me her very nice rear end with a long thin tail with a spade symbol on the end. When I grabbed the tail to check it myself the girl made funny noises until I let it go and then she said “please don’t touch that, since you were fast enough to get a good grip it proves you would make a good fiancé for me. If you do accept at least for a little while it will help me greatly. The reason I am naked and in your bath is because I had to teleport and my teleportation device can’t send cloths. The reason had to use a device that would destroy my cloths is because I was escaping my father’s soldiers and a loveless arranged marriage. So could you at least pretend for a little while and help me out.” I begrudging said “okay, what do we have to do?”  The pinkette then said “well if you show you can defeat my personal guard then you should be able to get his partial approval to get more you probably would have to fend off all the other men that want to marry me and defeat him in battle. My guard is named Zastin and he is the best swordsman from my planet.” I then said “well I am a pretty decent swordsman myself is there anything I should know about your race that might make him harder for me to defeat. Wait why do you have a guard and why do so many men want to marry you?” Lala then said “my father is king of my planet and rules a large number of planets in this galaxy making me a princess and for strengths I would say my race in general would be considered 10 times better than your race in most stats and for weakness that would be the tail as you recently found out.”

After Lala finished explained I remembered she was still naked and then went to the cloths bin and said please put my shirt on to cover your body it is nice but distracting and when we get to my room I will give you more cloths.” She quickly put my shirt on and said “thanks for the cloths but I have a clothing robot,” then a strange robot flew into my room and said “Lala I am here. I will make a outfit for you.” Before the robot could change into floors I asked “robot how long can you stay as an outfit and how strong can you make the outfit.” The robot then said “my name is Peke and I can remain in costume form for 5 hours under standard situations and about 30 minutes in combat and in combat I can withstand weapons up 5 to this world’s standard missiles and 20 minutes of laser blasts before breaking down.” I said to the robot “you can stay in dress form for now as long as the costume isn’t too tight. I said wait Lala if Peke is going to damage my cloths please take them off first.” Lala then took off my cloths and said “ready Peke,” then the robot turned into a form fitting outfit that showed off all of her curves. Outside my window was a silver haired name in a silver battle suit I then asked my hollow side “if I heard you hollow it means I must be getting some of my powers back so how much can I use and how long can I maintain them with my human body.” The hollow then said in my head “king you are at about 11% of full at this point and until someone returns your full out reaper powers I would say your body can hold roughly 3 minutes before pass out from lack of energy and need at least a days rest to be at full power again. I can boost your strength a little bit maybe get your 5% stronger and 15% faster so and I can manifest my blade form for that time as well.” I then said “wait how can you become form a blade I thought you were my hollow not Zangetsu.” He then said “I am both your hollow powers and half of Zangetsu the other guy won’t let me say what half he is but his the other half my blade is close but if we were to be re-forged you would gain twin blades like the lazy and sickly captains, but until you gain more power back you won’t even have a chance of even talking to the other guy.”

I then yelled at the silver man “I am Lala’s fiancé and If wait till I come down like a normal person I will fight you.” I manifested a new version of Zangetsu on my waist, the Zanpakuto was a normal sized Kanata then I asked in my mind to hollow Zangetsu “what is with your blade why it is so small?” hallow Zangetsu said “your spirit power is so low I could only manifest in seal state. You have to say my release command to use your shikai. That command is ‘slice the moon, Zangetsu’ got it king” Zastin then said “who were you talking to and were did you get that sword? If you intend to become Lala’s fiancé that better not just be a normal human sword.” I said “its not why do I show you,” I then pull Zangetsu out and said “slice the moon, Zangetsu,” my blade changed into the familiar shape I was used to.  The silver man then said “what are you and how did you do that?” I came at hit and went straight for the man’s tail nicking the appendage. Zastin screamed in pain and said “you seem to be a trained combatant and must have either figured out our race’s weakness from Lala or found it out from Lala by mistake that is how you to attack it. Lucky for you I am used to people going after my tail know how to dodge. I then asked hollow Zangetsu “can I still use Getsuga Tensho?” the spirit then said “yeah but 3 shots max then you will go out for awhile.” “Okay just what I needed to know,” I said then brought my sword down and said “Getsuga Tensho,” my blade releases it normal burst of light at the silver man burning off most of the armor on his leaving a deep gash down the middle, then blood spray and he went to one knee and asked “what is your name boy?” I then responded “Ichigo Kurosaki, half soul reaper,” the man said “you are strong enough boy to defeat me boy but you will need to be stronger to hold off everyone else that wants the throne. Soon Lala’s father will come and talk to you” then the man pasted out.

I then asked Lala “Lala can you patch this guy up please.” The pinkette then said “wow you are strong only daddy can do that to him and ok but I don’t know medical stuff or have any inventions to do that.” I then shouted into the house “KARIN! YUZU! WE GOT MY OPPONENT INJURED OUT HERE CAN YOU 2 GETS A STRETCHER AND BANDAGES?” Karin came out and said “Ichigo what did you do to the guy, who is the sexy pinkette and when did you get your powers back?” I then replied “1st the pinkette is my new fiancé Lala Satalin Deviluke.”  I pointed to the silver guy and said “2nd that is her bodyguard he challenged duel not relieving how strong I was and got himself sliced. Hell I wasn’t sure how strong I was my Zanpakuto said I should be at 11% of my max I just got some back after my Zanpakuto felt I needed them, but I think it was more like Lala reviving my libido or something like that.”  Karin then said “so Lala popped in on you naked in the bath or something like that and then when this guy came to get Lala you had to fight him and that brought back some of your powers right” then Yuzu came out and came up to the guy and said “why did you cut this guy so deep? We need to do stitches.” The pinkette then said “no bandages and sleep should enough his and my race heals a lot faster than humans. If take a look both Zastin and I have tails.” Karin then snatched Lala’s tail and the pinkette started to make funny sounds until Karin let it go. My tomboy sister then said “she is having some kind of sexual reaction so it is real.” Lala then said “please don’t do that I was told only my husband is supposed to play with my tail. It makes me wet myself.” Karin and Yuzu blushed when they heard that and then Yuzu said “lets hurry up and get the silver guy to a room to rest.”

I started to feel suddenly started to feel tired said to the pinkette “Lala, lets get back to my room and get rest I have a futon you can sleep on in my closet. I then took a quick shower, brushed my teeth, got out the futon and set it up for Lala then handed her some of my cloths and said “put those on and come to bed, I should be sleeping by then” Lala took my cloths and said “ok, see you in the morning Ichigo” before I knew anything sleep took me and I was fell into bed.

When I woke up I felt something squishy in my hand and when squeezed in made the same sounds Lala did when I grabbed her tail. The thing was Lala’s breast she must have got confused and got into my bed. When I got a good look at her the pinkette was completely naked. I then yelled at the pinkette “why didn’t you sleep on the futon or put some the cloths I handed you on?” before she could come up with a good reason I threw the cloths at her and said “put these on first then we can talk.” Lala then put the shirt an shorts on and said “I thought Peke should be able to last long enough Ichigo and wasn’t sure were you wanted me to sleep so I just go in next to you.” Ok rule 1 don’t sleep in Peke, rule 2 if you sleep in my bed tell me you are sleeping in my bed 1st and rule 3 put on real cloths when you goto bed.” “I couldn’t ask you since you were sleeping,” Lala said. I like how Lala looked not too big and not too small she had an air on innocence to her and was very cute. Lucky for me I had the day off of school so Lala and I got shopping to get her some real cloths.

The next thing I did was go down stairs with Lala and down for breakfast. For breakfast there were waffles for everyone. When I got down before I started eating I had to block an attack from dad using Zangetsu to smack him with the broad edge. My father then said “boy how to you pull Zangetsu out I was sure your powers hadn’t come back yet,” then look and Lala and said “nice to meet you 3rd daughter so you are a space alien right,” then looked at me and said “son you got a good catch very cute,” then he look at Lala again and said “Lala please call your father and tell him that he and I need to talk about your marriage plans.” Lala then picked call Peke down and told to robot to give Lala her phone the robot then handed Lala a device like an old flip phone and dialed a number on it and waited for a voice she then said into the phone “Daddy I need you to come to earth to have a chat with my new fiancé’s father Isshan said he need to talk with you about some things, bye,” she hung up her phone and said “daddy says he will come to see you in week and he commends Ichigo for beating Zastin so bad he left a scar.” Dad’s next move was to had me a credit card and said “get your fiancé some good cloths I took the liberty of talking into Tatsuki to meet you 2 at the mall I know you are useless when it comes to girl’s  cloths son and Tatsuki looks at least close to Lala’s size.

Isshan pov
The reason I wanted to talk to Lala’s father was that Ichigo was promised to Rukia or rather one of my children was promised to one of the Kuchiki clan children, in a contract made over a hundred years ago with my son’s prestige of late the contract was renewed if Kaien was married before Rukia was found it would have been those 2 seeing how close the 2 are it makes sense for those 2 to be married even if they don’t love each other a marriage based on friendship is pretty good. After pondering this Lala’s silver haired bodyguard, Zastin, came into my office with a strange orb. The orb made a hologram with a dark man inside saying “hello father of Ichigo Kurosaki, Isshan Kurosaki, I am Gid Lucion Deviluke, Lala’s father, and you wanted to talk to me.” I said to the orb “yes I did Gid but I want to talk to you in person over drinks. I don’t feel right talking about marriage plans over the phone were we can look at each others’ faces.”  The orb said “very full Isshan I am busy at this time so I will chat and drink your best alcohol if it isn’t good I will destroy your planet.” I then asked Zastin “what kind o person is Gid to make these claims and what kind of alcohol does he like?” Zastin said “lord Gid is the king of a large part of the galaxy and has destroyed many planets in the galaxy unification war. He prefers hundred year old liquors of his birth year or older. Our race can live thousands of years if needed but Lala is only 17 years old.” I now relieved along with getting Urahara to make paper for Lala to get into Ichigo’s school I was going to have to make a trip to the soul society and call in favors to get some good sake or wine or whatever I can get to make Gin happy so I can avoid a fight I don’t want to have. I knew I was going to have a marriage meeting with the Kuchiki in a month when I saw Rukia wondering around the city and shouted her “come down here Rukia I need to talk to you about the thing you should already know.” I must have looked like a madman to the neighbors but if they didn’t already think I was the crazy doctor but I needed to talk to Rukia. I told Zastin when he looked at me funny “I can see ghosts and the person I am calling is a ghost-type being, you won’t be able to see her but I need to talk to her alone go make yourself useful Zastin help some of the patients if you are going to live here I will put you to work.” The silver haired alien man said “okay the terms are agreeable. What should I do?” I told him see if any patients need anything not medical, see if anything needs to be restocked and tell me but clean the floors first then get back to me”

I said to her when she came into the clinic and brought her into my office sand started to talk to Rukia “that guy if you have to ask is an alien from another planet so is the pinkette if you have to ask and she is Ichigo’s fiancé at this point as are you Rukia I will figure everything out soon. Also you are going to have start hiding better Ichigo’s powers have started to come back and he might even be able to see you very soon.” Rukia then said “looks like I am going to have to start going to school again very soon then.” I then said “if you are going to wait and I know your captain would give you time off he is way to nice lieutenant,” I added the last part after I noticed the badge on her arm. Now for the next thing I had to do was to goto Urahara’s shop and get Lala’s false identity set up.

Ichigo pov
I was waiting at the mall with Lala for Tatsuki to show up when I saw Orihime and to my dread Chizuru with them. I said to Tatsuki whispering “Orihime is okay but why Chizuru I don’t want her to get to excited over Lala.” Then Tatsuki whispered back to me “we had no choice she saw Orihime and I walking and heard us talking about cloths shopping and she followed us.” I then said “keep her off of Lala then, she is from out of town and doesn’t need unneeded touching.” Tatsuki then nodded okay.

The first thing the girls did was underwear shopping lucky for me I got to sit outside the lingerie department on my phone by myself texting Chad. It went well until Chizuru decided to check to see how nice Lala’s breast were with her own hands earning a whack with a paper fan from Tatsuki and the sounds earning a hand on from me then it got worse when Lala came out to show her new bra and panty sets to me, I was forced to thing of the worse hollows I faced until hollow Zangetsu popped in my mind and said “drink it in pinky queen is better to look at than the other queen.” I then asked him “who is other queen?” Hollow Zangetsu then said “you know Rukia she has been spying on you most of the time since you lost your powers she has practically been your stalker even if you cant tell she is there I have felt her but haven’t been able to really do anything just watch her and try to shout at you.” The words of my hollow Zanpakuto made me happy to know Rukia wanted to see me as much as I did with her. Before the trip was done I learned I had to talk with Orihime about how that I didn’t like her the same way she liked me. I began saying to Orihime “I am sorry Orihime I don’t like you as a lover it is more a friendly type of thing I went to get you from Hueco Mundo because we were friends. I can’t say at this point I even love Lala but I don’t know yet we just met a few days ago. I am sorry if it hurts you but there is someone for you Orihime I know it you just have to look at someone else.” I could tell Orihime was on the brink of tears said “sorry for burdening you Ichigo I do still like you but I will look for someone that likes me back.” I then told Tatsuki “I am sorry for breaking Orihime’s heart this time but thanks to Lala’s smarts and lack of tact it had to be said and done.”  Tatsuki then said to me after punching me in the jaw “that was for breaking her heart but I know it had to be done.” Hollow Zangetsu then said “you should have get boobs around she looks nice don’t worry about the punch any proof of it will be gone my morning if you had more power either you wouldn’t even feel a thing or any damage would be gone in seconds.”

After bra shopping we had lunch then shopping till almost the afternoon, right when the trip was almost done I got a call from dad telling me I had to take Lala to my school for testing to see what grade she should be placed. When I got her to school for testing she was in the testing room for about 20 minutes and most of that was convincing the tester to let the pinkette in my grade and class in turns out Lala was at least graduate school level and had a genius IQ. She just chooses to go to my school be with me. The staff gave her one of the school’s winter and summer uniform and told her that the she had to wear the summer one for a few weeks that switch to winter uniforms. There really wasn’t much difference was the summer uniforms had a yellow sweeter and the winter one had a grey coat. After school stuff we had dinner at my house when Lala blurted out what I told to Orihime, I was going to have to explain tact and when to say things to Lala before she gets me in real trouble. That night I made sure Lala did wear something to bed and did start on the futon but when I woke up she made her way to my bed again and her breast in my hand again. I think I am grabby in my sleep or something. Lala was perfectly ok with me touching her in any way I wanted or even seeing her naked in fact she even got in the bath with me all over again I just said well with it we both needed baths and as long as she doesn’t stare at me I wont stare at her and leave her tail alone.

After breakfast and more teasing from Karin and interesting reactions from Yuzu the pinkette and I left for school and separated until my teacher introduced use to the class and Lala introduced herself as my fiancé earning me death stares from the guys until I did an even death stare back I was sure my stare made a few of the guys piss themselves and maybe 1 guy shit himself. I knew from that day forth my school life was going to be anything but normal for the future to come.
Bleached love-ru chapter 1 the girl from space

End of chapter 1

Ichigo is more practical person than Rito and takes very little crap from any one this story will be a romcom for the first few chapters then move into the Fullbring arc then the 1000 year blood war the harem will be updated with each chapter so far harem so far is Rukia and Lala

But it will expect I am thinking up to 7 or 8 girls tops another thing is Meah and Yami will have different back stories in this story over the manga if you like this vote for it in the poll it will be up till Monday morning and if any ichihime shippers read this it isn’t for you I have decided between 2 boys for Orihime and neither is Ichigo

Sage of Britannia chapter 7 lost loves endings and new beginnings

This will be the ending of part 1 of code geass and it will have huge divergences at the end episode 21 will be touched briefly

Biju talk

Normal talk

Lelouch pov

After my battles I needed a rest, so I left an overcharged shadow clone to do all my student council duties and tried to meditate/rest with Nunnally. I needed the rest so I filled that clones with enough chakra to be foundationally me for a little over a year if needed. The first thing my clone had to do was listening to a make up lecture. The other thing going on was Suzaku and I was splitting the public opinion on what to do in the ghettoes. I was busy with training and dealing with Diethard and the basic plans for upcoming battles when I was caught by Milly with my clone somewhere else but the next chance I got I switched with her and went to my private training room until things really started to move not before finding Suzaku and Kallen and having Kallen help with a task to separate them.

Kallen pov

The job I had to do was help with my class's haunted house being the monster that scared couples when I ran into Ohgi and a Britannian woman I had never seen.

Lelouch pov

I was busy negotiating on my phone between clubs and the people making the pizza when CC came to bug me about the giant pizza asking when it would get to be done and when she would get a piece.

Kallen pov

I was trying to figure out the woman Ohgi was with until Lelouch came and quickly got us out of the room so fast it was light a flash of light, we were outside. When I asked him about how he said something on of the clubs was working on till in a very vague manor.

Euphemia pov

The other night while talking to Schneizel about my plans for Japan, but today I was going to Suzaku's school festival to try and find him and see the sites. During my search I found my younger sister Nunnally in wheelchair.

Nunnally pov

I was wondering the festival checking the sites and sounds testing how good my sensing powers worked when I ran into my older sister by a year Euphie. When I met her we talked over Lelouch.

Lelouch pov

I was in the control room planning the festival when I was met in the control by both of my younger sister Euphie and Nunnally.

Kallen pov

I was helping Lelouch's maid with setting up the pizza , the woman was Japanese but held herself completely differently than any Japanese I have ever seen full of confidence and her eyes seemed different they had a slight red hue to them.

Lelouch pov

I talked with my sister about something when she was spotted forcing me and Nunnally to take break sending the festival into total chaos ruining the pizza. When Nunnally told me how close her and Suzaku were getting I was beyond pissed at her. Then my sister made a declaration that could break ruin my plans and the reason everything. She even tried to give zero amnesty but my sister had no idea how bad that plan was and that if the any Britannian soldiers did any wrongs it would ruin everything if any citizens messed up the plan could be ruined. I was going to have to doing something.

That first something was to make Suzaku mine the way to do that was use transformation technique and change into Euphie and say "lets become one" when he tried to deny it I used a special Kunoichi genjustsu to make him want sex more that anyone. This technique inflamed his passions and turned his libido up to 11 making him want Euphemia who I looked like more than anything the genjustsu would last until the deed was done it was used mainly for collecting semen from strong ninja clan to produce children or to aid in assassinations with people Kunoichi that had poison in their bodies. I used this to seduce Suzaku and have sex with him that night and we left that love hotel in disguise quickly separating but before I left the room and changed back I said "please don't say anything unless something happens." I did it to damn my sister in some way or another, recorded it to try and hurt her reputation and if I do get pregnant I could use my baby to turn Suzaku to our side.

I could tell Euphie's declaration was causing things to move in the background, my spies told everyone so if the special zone failed our attack would be launched.

Suzaku pov

I wasn't sure what came over me with my hookup with Euphie I might have been drunk or drugged by someone I wasn't even sure we did have sex it is all a blur but I can't ask her about it due to the trouble it would cause an affair between a Britannian and a former number/honorary Britannian might end with her in the same state as lelouch. We talked about the special zone. Over the radio everyone was listening to the plan I think the main reason for her the support of her brother and sister was to cripple the black knights.

Kallen pov

Everyone was talking about the special zone waiting for zero to decide on what to do. The knights were at odds with half on our side and the other half of the lower knights members considering joining the zone. \

Lelouch pov

I was on a trip with rivals for supplies while trying to decide what to do. I even broke up some fights using geass. Back at home Nunnally and I argued over what to do about the zone while have a spare, I outlasted my sister due to my jinchuriki healing factor and stamina. Nunnally did end up convincing me to at least talk to Euphie and head to her base of a talk in person heading there on the back of the Mordred.

The rest of the knights were waiting in the background while I decided how to deal with her. My plan was to use my geass to have euphie shoot me to destroy the zone and set her at the enemy.

Suzaku pov

I could somehow tell the pilot of the Mordred was the girl who I met at the ghetto and who sent me into a panic on the battlefield I didn't know who she was but I couldn't do anything to reveal or stop her unless things went very badly. So I waited to see.

Lelouch pov

I talked with my sister about what happened and what would happen if she did shoot me. I knew it would cause chaos and even if I ordered her to make a killing shot my healing factor would bring me back unless it was an instant kill so shooting me would do nothing. The next thing I knew I was about to hand Euphie my gun when my eyes was in pain like nothing else I even smacked her away until she said "I gave up my right to throne for the zone to be with you." Her would disarmed me to the point were I almost gave up everything for her zone. But when I was trying to explain my geass and ninja abilities and even my Rinnegan eyes my geass activated on its own with the order to "kill all the Japanese" no matter how much she fought the geass order took over sending her out with my gun to carry out my order.

Under the geass she told all the troops to start killing but when they didn't take her order seriously she used my gun to carry it out herself. Each life she took made my heart ache more I could feel my rage boiling a yin-Kurama trying to break out as she issued the order again. The order even forced her to shoot her own general. She took up a machine gun and shot down many Japanese herself. I made sure with the last of my clarity ordered my clone to protect Nunnally and try and guide the black knights before my mind broke and the kyubi took over in my rage. I told CC "I will use this to the best I can to our needs even if I never wanted this. Soon my mind may break might break unleashing a powers more dangerous than even geass." The order I made was to send out the black knights to find and kill Euphie then I let my clone take over.

Kallen pov

As zero's orders said our forces stormed the stadium and destroyed every enemy knightmare we ran into. Zero destroyed the knightmare Euphemia was then when she left he took the fatal shot killing her for the Lancelot to and its pilot Suzaku to retrieve her body and take it to the Avalon.

Suzaku pov

As I left the battlefield I saw the person the person in zero's mask become covered in a red aura, growing into a giant red fox with a growing number of tails. The red energy fox was doing even more damage than even Mordred's hadron canon. The beast fired black energy balls that seemed to erase everything they hit, as the monster fox was continued to blast everything the black knights pulled out letting the fox do their work. The last sight I saw was a masked woman in a maid outfit blast something from what seemed like her eyes at the monster vaporizing it or so I thought.

When I got Euphie to the sick bay of the Avalon she asked me how every went like she didn't know what she did and then breathed her last breath and my last words to her were lies telling her the special zone worked. Over every channel of information in Japan and the world zero's words went further enflaming the people.

Nunnally pov

I asked my sister about what happened to Euphie but I sensed the worst happened to her that sister had to do something terrible and the kyubi chakra spike I felt was Lelouch crying over having to kill her own sister. I knew that if Lelouch was in bad enough shape she would use a clone to run the black knight. I also knew that if the kyubi went past 5 tails Sayoko might have to send her to our maternal grandparents' home world to seek the help and training we really needed, the scrolls we had were okay but scrolls are no real substitute for real personal training. I hoped if sister had to go away she will be well. The next move I made was to wheel myself into the clubroom with Rivelz and Shirley. The orange haired girl appeared to still be under the affect of what sister did.

Suzaku pov

After Euphie died I thought of why she did it, the princess seemed like she wasn't in control of herself. The next thing I saw was a long pale boy with long hair that called himself VV he told me that zero used a strange power called geass on her to compel her to commit genocide. The boy also told me that zero killed her to stop her after that order. The other thing he told me was that the green haired girl I was must be captured again for the emperor to bring true peace he said something about the 9 were needed to bring eternal peace and order to the world. All the rest of what the boy said seemed like the ranting of an insane person and the boy seemed to talk like a man many years older than he looked. His last word before leaving was orange is ready to destroy zero.

Clone Lelouch pov

I knew my true self wasn't here but I had to bring about the rebellion I had to do what she wanted I was full of enough of her that I was compelled to do so. The next thing I knew was I got a phone call from Eumphimia the girl I knew my real self killed but on the line was Suzaku talking about killing someone I could only assume that person was either my real self of me. The technique that created me made it so I could only disperse if the real me died or I took fatal damage and was out of site. The next thing I did was to purge the city and clear the battlefield. I knew I still had geass to use and could even use the Rinnegan for limited amount of time.

Jeremiah pov

I awoke covered in metal made to mimic the green haired girl code-r. I had a new eye with special powers of some kind. The men around said after I woke up said many parts of my brain had to be replaced. They told me I had to return to the homeland when zero came over every channel declaring he was in control and said we had till midnight to surrender.

Clone Lelouch pov

I used geassed people to demolish most of the structures messing up my sister's formations of gaining control of the government buildings. At the same time my black knight forces attacked and surrounded Cornelia's remaining men killing her knights and her guardsmen. The place I sent the forces to was Ashford academy to mostly guard Nunnally but also the rest of the real version's friends. CC and I used the Mordred to take control of the air forces. The black knight forces had Cornelia's forces pinned at the government building waiting for the homeland to send reinforcements.

Suzaku pov

Full of rage I punched the Lancelot's builder to get the key so I could chase after zero and take his life at any cost I only hoped the curse he put on me to live wouldn't stop me from killing him.

Kallen pov

Zero and the other black knight forces took over the school for to defend my friends and use it as a base we promised the student counsel they would be safe as long they cause no trouble. My next enemy was Suzaku and his Lancelot, the battle was pitched he even let me destroy the arm of Lancelot to let him get a deciding blow. I would have died if zero didn't get Lancelot off of me.

Suzaku pov

I heard radio traffic during the fight with zero reinforcements was coming very soon.

Nunnally pov

I was waiting in the counsel room playing dumb waiting for big sister Lelouch to come if needed I would show my true self and move into the fight and aid the knight but only if the battle went badly. Outside the school I could sense my sister's clone about to fight Suzaku pretending to target the room I was in while using a machine to disable Suzaku's nightmare. Then the clone went bad to go after Cornelia. After she left I heard a gunshot in another room and the black knight saying to find the girl. My next goal was to send the others to help Suzaku while I had to face my very young looking opponent I opened my eyes for the first time in a long while to see a boy with long blond hair, but after looking more deeply at his chakra signature I could tell he wasn't a boy and at least as old as my father if not older. Before I could get out of my chair he said "what strange eyes you have my niece but we have to go," then he used a strange power to transport us to a different location. I remembered this was the boy who killed my mother and shot my legs up forcing me to make my legs puppets to move if he didn't somehow keep my chakra sealed I would kill him were he stood.

Clone Lelouch pov

I used the power of Mordred and one of my sister's brainwashed knights to capture Cornelia and gain the knowledge she had. I so my sister broken but still alive I showed her my face and asked her who killed my mother but she had no idea who the blond boy was, how he got in and why he did it. After I finished with Cornelia I found out from CC that someone took Nunnally to Kamina Island the same island Suzaku, Euphie, Kallen and I were stranded on. When I tried to leave the battlefield Jeremiah Gottwald the man I dubbed orange attacked CC and I in a brand new knightmare. I knew Sayoko was most likely out of commission due to using her kamui to send the real Lelouch to the other world.

Suzaku pov

While the black knights were trying to salvage the Lancelot, the student counsel was trying to help but ended up being useless and I was saved by the very cat that liked biting me. The next thing that happened Lloyd and Cecile saved me and gave me another power filler to find zero. The next thing I did was attend to the wounded Cornelia and learn zero was at Kamina Island before leaving getting named knight of honor to go after zero and clear Euphie's name.

Kallen pov

With zero not able to be contacted I followed the Lancelot to see if it would lead me to zero. At the scene of the battle before I left I heard Nina had some kind of weapon that could destroy Tokyo some kind of bomb to kill everyone but I had to go to find zero and get help on what to do.

Clone lelouch pov

When we reached the island we here hit by a geass genjustsu trap that let CC see my past and I see hers. When we got out CC used the last of the Mordred's power to hold off Jeremiah while I went into the cave.

Kallen pov

I could tell over the radio that the battle wasn't going well without Zero's help but I had to go to help zero.

Suzaku pov

I was waiting in the cave for zero and Kallen to arrive to kill zero and show confirm that zero was Lelouch the person I was told zero was. With one shot I broke zero's mask revealing her face zero told Kallen and I she was "the woman who changed the world" she tried to convince me to join her and even used a Sakuradite bomb to make sure I wouldn't kill her. she then told me "listen if you think I am the worst person in this world you are wrong I want to make this world better even if blood is needed but my father.." before she could say more we pulled our guns and fired both shots missing but with the time I caught my one time lover and took her back with me still masked only for the emperor and I to see her real face.

Lelouch pov

I woke up in a bed of what looked like a hospital with an IV in arm. I pushed a button on the side of my bed marked call in Japanese kanji then waited for a nurse to come and talk. I then asked the nurse "nurse how long was I out?" the nurse then said "we found you in the middle konoha in kyubi state rampaging a week ago. After the kyubi was sealed again you went into a coma from exhaustion." Then she looked at a chart and said "congratulations Ms Uzumaki you are pregnant. Since you are awake I will get the hokage to brief you soon."

Chapter and part 1 done if you want to see part 2 next week vote in the next few days chapter 1 of to bleach love-ru will be out if you want to see chapter 2 of that right after chapter 1 vote for that or any of the other stories updated vote for them. The next chapter will deal with the time between part 1 and 2 of code geass for who the hokage is and the name and gender of Lelouch and Suzaku child wait and see for who will train lelouch in sage mode wait and see for who will be her primary doctor wait and see so please vote loyal readers.
Sage of Britannia chapter 7 lost loves endings and
Chapter and part 1 done if you want to see part 2 next week vote in the next few days chapter 1 of to bleach love-ru will be out if you want to see chapter 2 of that right after chapter 1 vote for that or any of the other stories updated vote for them. The next chapter will deal with the time between part 1 and 2 of code geass for who the hokage is and the name and gender of Lelouch and Suzaku child wait and see for who will train lelouch in sage mode wait and see for who will be her primary doctor wait and see so please vote loyal readers.…


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