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Shirou will have the same personality but be much stronger
The 1st part will be kiritsugu pov
The 2nd part will be Shirou pov

Shirou pov
One second I was with people I no longer remember that must have been my family, I don’t remember there names or faces but I do remember blades. There is one more memory before the fire it was a girl my age my with the biggest smile I have ever seen and strawberry blond hair about a shade lighter than mine. Then nothing but fiery death a field of what must be hell like. Then he came looking for that one person to save a man with a trench coat and a bird’s nest of hair my savior, Kiritsugu Emiya. I then woke up in a hospital and Kiritsugu asked me my name the only thing I could remember was a part of it Shirou.

Kiritsugu pov
I saved the boy Shirou from the blaze of that burst from the grail’s destruction, in the hospital I took Shirou was Maiya alive but brain dead and pregnant with my child, I only had sex with her once 3 months ago. She must have not wanted to trouble me and kept the pregnancy to herself. I asked Shirou if he wanted to go to the church or stay with me he chose me. I would have 2 people to care for my future daughter and Shirou was her adopted brother someone to care for her when the curse the monster within the grail put upon me takes me. When Shirou was well enough he came with me to the house I bought with house I bought with the money I got from the Einzberns for the war and providing them a future heir. 6 months later, I was joined by my new daughter Miyu I had no idea how to deal with a baby girl nor did Shirou after weeks of trying we hired a live in nanny to help us take care of baby Miyu.  
Shortly after I found out Shirou had magic circuits of his own 28 b circuits, 3 a circuits and a single ex circuit his former family must been mages skilled at crafting swords or blades to be precise with his Origin of and Elemental Affinity both “Sword" and a 2nd minor affinity for fire. I would have to try and teach him how to use those circuits and also train my daughter with the little time I have with her. With years passing Shirou had taught himself to be a master cook and a budding magus he also had a teacher in the arts of combat the daughter of the yakuza I had help me with my accounts, Taiga Fujimura, She became like a big sister to Shirou and Miyu. I discovered Shirou was very special he was blessed with a ability that few humans had a reality marble within that marble was 3 swords the first with massive with a 47"inch blade the a standard katana with a curse to anyone it cut and the 3rd Shirou said was an empty sword that I must will with a legend whatever that means.  

Shirou was yet to fully grasp his reality marble but those swords can be traced perfectly for unlimited amounts of time, the swords can also be converted into projectile shaped I speculate even an arrow shape. These blades can also be overloaded with prana and turn into explosive weapons. Of the sword the so called empty sword was the most malleable its shape could be any shape needed, Shirou said that shape could hold for longer amounts of time after I welder fills it with part of them. Shirou told me the sword could become even mightier when what is added is tamed, whatever that means. In time I wanted my other daughter Ilya or Illyasviel von Einzbern back, when I left Shirou gave me a gift of a one of his empty swords and said “when the time is right you may hear the sword do as it say and it can aid you in a fight against your strongest enemy.” I took with swords with a grain of salt I had always used my guns over my magic so why would I need a magic sword that does nothing or needs a filling as Shirou said.

When I reached the Einzbern castle I fought battle homunculi of all types and tore through them with conventional weapons of every kind I had save for my origin bullet half would be given to Shirou for his use and the other half would be used for make a magic crest for Miyu and maybe Ilya if I could save her. As I got closer I fought the new trump card of the Einzbern family their servant in waiting for the next war to come a hulking giant of the berserker class. I threw the rest of my weapons at him with no luck my time powers helped me avoid his strikes but my body was being worn down till I heard a voice in my head saying “use me call my name …….. Shikishim” I said “Shikishim” in a booming voice and the sword turned into a huge canon that was surprisingly light for its size. The voice said “I can give you one shot and not kill you it will cut your light in half from what would be 2 years to 1 year but it will at least let you escape to see the family you have at home.” The canon no I knew as Shikishim let lose a blast of energy and burned the monster to its bones but berserker started to regenerate so I took the time to escape.

When I got home I greeted my son and daughter with hugs and told Shirou “thank you if I only had more life to live it would have helped me save your other sister, if you here the name Ilya that is her remember that name.” the next step I took was to find Shirou and Miyu a better teacher than myself, the teacher I called was Waver velvet. He was now a teacher and researcher at the clock tower he said he could teach them during the summers.

With my last year I taught Shirou and Miyu everything else I knew. Shirou was becoming a good swordsman and on his way to becoming a good archer as well he still had yet to access his reality marble but with Waver’s help me may just get it. Miyu was also on her may to becoming a decent fledgling magus herself but her hade much more to learn.

Shirou pov
My adopted father, Kiritsugu Emiya trained me and his biological daughter for 4 year but I can clearly this is his last year from my Structural Grasp of his body, before his trip it was 2 years but after it was 1 year. The so called empty swords I make I meant to be filled Kiritsugu must have used his need to save my other sister to put part of his spirit into it but the curse he has left him with not enough spirit to defeat the enemy guarding her, so he traded enough life to escape and spend that year with us. The next big thing that happened to our family came in summer we got our new magic teacher a man named Waver Velvet. This Waver was a skinny man but in his 20’s but more masterful at magic than Kiritsugu ever was. Even if Waver was the better magus fear stilled both feared and admired Kiritsugu skill as magus must not be everything for a magus. Waver was going to spend the summer at our house as our teacher Taiga clearly had a crush on the man but Waver told us he didn’t like women or girls his thing was huge muscular men with large beards. I had 2 memories before the fire the 1st were the 3 swords and 2nd was that strawberry blood hair girl my first love and I don’t even know her name just that large smile. After summer lessons and the passing of time the curse finally took Kiritsugu. I don’t know where his soul went but I hope it went to a better place.

Another summer came and went with more magus lesson and cooking lessons for Miyu. In middle school I met the 1st magus my age Rin Tohsaka, I could tell she was a magus threw my senses but she couldn’t tell I was. 2 more summers past and I finally asked Rin out and we started dating. Another year past and I was in high school and I met some more new friends: Issei Ryuudou heir to the local shrine, I couldn’t stand the presence of his shrine, Ayako Mitsuduri, my first friend from the archery club, and Shinji Matou, my frenemy from the archery club. Taiga my big sister figure/legal guardian taught at Homurahara Academy but not my grade, she would become my problem next year. Toward the end of first year Shinji hurt my arm and mostly forced me out of the archery club over jealousy, he didn’t like how my skill took the girls away from him. Also in first year I met Shinji’s younger sister, she didn’t look like him but he told me she was adopted she looked closer to Rin than Shinji I didn’t press the issue with Rin yet.

2nd year came I had to defend Sakura from Shinji it was clear Shinji was abusing Sakura her main haven for safety was my house for meals. Also Taiga became my home room teacher. The most unfortunate but was Rin broke up with me; she said it had something to do with her family but didn’t give me a clear answer. I would use my magic to help with repairs for the school almost all of the teachers but the ever stoic Souichirou Kuzuki liked me for my help.

A little more time passed then a mark appeared on my hand due to some kind of magic so I called Waver for help. I had to take a picture of the mark and fax it to Waver at the faculty fax machine since I helped so much they didn’t ask what I needed it for. After waiting for time to pace Waver told me a new grail war was starting and I was chosen to be a master. Waver sent me the spell for servant summoning, and I performed the spell and called a servant under the class saber. Saber was a girl that looked much like my first friend with much lighter hair golden blond over strawberry blond and her face lacked my friend’s constant smile but in every other way saber looked like I imagined how my friend would look if she was my age.
Sabers rebirth chapter 3 his past

I am planning for Shirou to be a descendant of someone in the soul society I will leave the empty sword thing for speculation till now if someone wants to pm me and ask I will tell. The first sword is Masamune I went with Sephiroth version and the 2nd sword is maramasa it has a curse but not poison like akame ga kill. Shirou won’t bring saber with him yet. I am not revealing when Shirou summons saber but he won’t be last this time. The first servant is berserker he was called long before the war. The next chapter in 2 weeks will cover the 5th grail war. Rin broke up with Shirou due to the war starting. The route the war will follow is unlimited blade works a more harem version. The pairing for this fic fem Ichigo x Shirou x Rin but Ichigo won’t meet Rin in person for a while. Shirou can trace but doesn’t have as only has 3 swords and doesn’t know how to convert swords into arrows he can project a bow and normal arrows. Shirou can also do basic fire spells. Next week more sage devil.



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