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Chapter 3 new world new rules

Normal speech

Naruko pov
I went over to the dresser to try and find some underwear for myself after checking through the drawers I found a several pairs of panties mostly pink and black all lacy throng type panties and no bras. I guess I could make do with no bra until this Vali person tells us where underwear shops are. The panties were nice but tighter than I was used to my guess is they were the kind for showing off to your boyfriend or husband or customer like the girls in the brothel I had to dig pervy sage out of. I quickly slipped on a black pair because I hated the color pink the only way I could stand the color was on
Sakura’s hair and I grew to get used to that color as my friendship with Saruka grew. The rest of the other drawers were empty save for knee socks and over the knee socks I grabbed a pair to put on after I put on some other cloths if this person got any others for me. I finally found some other things to wear in the closet. There were 4 options a pink kimono the same overly short barely covering anything lady of the night style my pervy godfather liked that one was a no for both color and whorishness, the 2nd choice wasn’t much better same style but orange at least the color was good but something tells me it is to bold for a nation like this my inborn knowledge told me was pretty modest, my other 2 choices were sexy pink dress that barely covered my breasts and panties or sexy black dress same style. I went with the black because it was the best option out of the 4 really all of them showed off way more than I ever wanted to there is more than one reason I used to wear that orange jumpsuit it was both to train in stealth and because I had to more or less conceal my gender and for general shyness. I never really liked showing off a lot of skin the most I really ever showed off was my legs after seeing my mother wore the same hot pants I mimicked her style but could never wear the kind of low cut tops granny Tsunade would wear. I would really need to get more cloths. I went over to Haku’s side and checked his drawers and closet. It was obvious the person that bought his cloths wasn’t the same person that bought mine. Is his closet was 5 suits the same style as Gatō used to wear; the suits were orange, red, black, gray and blue. I grabbed the orange suit and one of Haku’s blue tee shirts and proceeded to get dressed but Haku stirred while I was in the process of dressing he stared at my only panty clad body and I screamed.

Haku pov I few moments earlier
I was in a dream or what felt like a dream and before me was a giant lizard like beast with shining golden scales, 4 legs, 2 large wings, a long tail, a crocodile like head with 2 ram like horns and 2 large bat wings on its back. The beast spoke to me with out moving its mouth “at long last my host graces me with his presents even death and that blasted edo tensei couldn’t wake me up but you are with me now this must be the world I came from. I sense the white dragon in the area and the red dragon not much farther.” I look at the beast and address him “Mr. Lizard who or what are you I have never seen anything like you the closest thing to you was Zabuza-sama’s water dragon jutsu.”  The beast said again with no mouth movement “I am a dragon and it has been so long since I was awake I no longer know my name with time I might remember it or even see one that I like in the world wider world. You are my host Haku Yuki. I have known you since before your birth and like the other 2 heavenly dragons I am bound to your soul until you pass on to the next world. My new vessel Haku my boy you are alive but not as a human as a devil. The girl you met on the battlefield is your new master and king as you are her queen.” “What do you mean by devil and queen and king?” I asked. The unnamed dragon replied with “you are no longer edo tensei or human. Devils are creatures of sin and of magic, you were edo tensei human into the human known as the sage of the 6 paths unsealed you and the Ouroboros Dragon Ophis revived you using the 2nd piece in the set it also used to turn Naruko into a devil. She is your king as in king chess piece or shogi piece and you are her queen chess/shogi piece meaning you are her direct subordinate. You will protect her from all harm and support her in all she does. As a devil you are stronger than you where as a human more so during the night than the day. i was first sent to your world to help control the god tree shinju or 10 tails beasts. Your past incarnation freed himself from the prison with my power and helped Hagoromo and Hamura Ōtsutsuki defeat and seal Kaguya and the 10 tails. I was meant to aid Sasuke and her but sadly we were sealed in that scroll her friends aided her in our place. Now it is time to wake and meet your king.”

With his last words I woke up to see a much more blond with 3 whisker marks on each cheek in nothing but panties holding a orange pants on a hanger in her right hand and a blue t-shirt in her left. As she saw me stared at her mostly naked glory, her breasts her the perfect size not to big and not to small, her hips wear perfect as well, her body had the right amount of muscle just enough muscle to be useful but not bulky her stomach was a perfect six pack. She stared back and quickly screamed and slipped the shirt she had over her body to cover her nudity. I took a 2nd look at her face and noticed it was the Naruko I had met in the field of flowers and battled to the death with to the death with on the bridge the last thing I remembered before passing on was her voice saying “if we met had lived through this battle or we had met under different circumstances I might have loved you” and then she preceded to kiss my lips as all life escaped me.

I then asked the girl “you are Naruko right.” She slipped on the pants and grabbed a belt to make sure the pants didn’t fall and slipped that one as well, then said “of course I am dattebane; damn I thought I got rid of that tic. It has been 4 years good to see you Haku and sorry for the scream. We are kinda married so seeing me naked is ok. I mostly saw you naked please put some cloths on yourself while I turn around.” I looked down at myself to see a sheet with the only thing covering my own naked body. She tossed a pair of red boxers with hearts on them, a pair of black pants and green t-shirt at me gesturing at me to put them on and turn around. I quickly threw the cover off of myself and put all the cloths on myself. Naruko asked “are you decent?” I replied with yes Naruko-sama.” “Now lets try and find our way to the living room there are people we have to meet,” she said as she dragged me to who knows were.

Vali pov a few hours before
Ophis told me to buy this house for some friends she wouldn’t tell me who they were just that helping them is part of a 1000 year old favor that she simply couldn’t refuse. She gave me a huge chest of gold saying that it would cover it, those Japanese real estate people had never seen that much gold in their lives they even did all the paper work themselves I told them put everything under Naruko Uzumaki Caim. The next order Ophis gave was to get a few sets of cloths for a teenage boy and a teenage girl and handed me 2 sets of measurements I sent Le Fay and Kuroka to get cloths for the girl and Bikou and  Arthur to get cloths for the boys. I handed each team a bag of gold and said get 4 sets of cloths a king sized tempurpedic bed, 19 queen sized tempurpedic beds, enough couches to sit at least 20, a large kitchen table, a large fridge and 20 of the latest computers the house has a few TV’s and a theatre room already so TV’s aren’t needed. I hoped for the girl’s sake Kuroka wouldn’t get anything to sultry but it was Kuroka so I didn’t have much hope.

Ophis gave me one last order after the house was set up and she moved 2 residents in from the Dimensional Gap. I saw her in the living room of the house reviving a tall and noticeably muscular man with pale skin, short spiky black hair, brown eyes, and small eyebrows wearing bandages on his face like a mask, a headband with a metal plate with 4 dashes like symbols on it, only a belt holding a very large sword to his back, wearing baggy pants with the striped pattern typical and mimetic wrist-warmers extending up to his elbows, with matching leg-warmers. She said that his name was Zabuza Momochi and he was Naruko’s first pawn. Ophis then left back to the dimension gap with Zabuza in my care. I gave the man the whole he is a devil speech that I gave my team when I revived them and told his wait for his master to greet us then he could pick his room.

After I finished giving Zabuza that spiel Albion popped into my the front of my mindscape to chat with me and said “Vali the boy and girl Ophis brought with her a very strong I would say the girl is as Satan class at least if not stronger and the boy he holds the lost heavenly dragon one that left before the great war that God and your ancestor died in. All I remember about his was his was gold and could cancel out all supernatural powers. The golden dragon of the void was said to have been the dragon that created the 4 saint beasts. We must be away for him because that dragon can reverse both ours and the red dragon wielder’s powers. If those 2 become our enemies we would last 20 minutes tops. “Shortly after my chat with Albion, Zabuza stared at me like I was crazy. He asked “who were you talking to” I told him, “lets say I am like Naruko in a way and now your apprentice we all have friends you can’t see in us.” Then we were greeted by a boy with long black hair in suit pants and a t-shirt and a girl with blond hair, whisker marks on her face and a near matching outfit to the boy. It is oblivious she hated the cloths Kuroka got for her and took some of the cloths bought for the boy. I took another look at the girl and saw her eyes they were light purple with rings throughout them those eyes I have never seen a devil, angel, or any other being with eyes like those. Her aura felt like god, devil and youkai all in one I almost wanted to bow at her sheer power.

Naruko pov
In the living room I was greeted by a teenage boy with gray hair, a black jacket with a green shirt under it and pant and red pants greeted me and said his name was Vali and he wouldn’t give me his family name for now. Both Zabuza and Vali sat on one of the many couches in the room and told us to sit in one directly across from him while we discuss things. Right before I sat Kurama butted in “Haku has something in him but so does that boy in front of us they are very similar. If I had to say they are genuine dragons. Haku had his dragon since the last time we met him but it was asleep, his dragon wasn’t ready till wake till Kaguya came out and it may have awake a little from within the seal but couldn’t break itself out. Father told me about a boy with a dragon that helped him defeat the 10 tails once. “    Vali started by handing me my pouch in had all my remaining kunai, shurikan, 12 Hiraishin Kunai, and 13 golden colored pieces. Vali responded with before you ask the last pieces are your set of evil piece I wont explain these evil piece system to you know we don’t have time unless you don’t want I guided tour of the town.” I decided to go with the tour since we already had somebody at school that could explain what each piece does, I already know they can bring my dead friends to life as devils in this world I can learn how what each piece can do later.

Before leaving Vali handed Zabuza a shirt because a giant of a man already stands out a shirtless one with a good body would stand out even worse. Our first stop was a grocery store all Vali let us do see what each row had in them the store had foods I could never imagine and chip flavors so varied and numerous just naming all them would make Chōji cream his pants and ramen varieties that almost made me wet. Our next stop was something we never had in our world video game and DVD store heck our world was still on VHS’s Vali told use those have been out of date for 20 years again Vali wouldn’t let us stop to buy anything. The 3rd stop was a book depot we got a brief look Vali told me that my books were in the back behind the curtain but again no buying. Our 4th stop was an arcade I might check it out later but didn’t even want to stop today. Our 5th stop was the clothing district it had store for underwear, men’s and women’s cloths I just wanted tp stop and buy a bra but Vali shut me down saying one more stop after then you can go back on your own. Our final stop was Kuoh Academy Vali told us that it used to be an all girls school till the Gremory and Sitri families bought it and made it for both genders so that their daughters and their male friends could goto the school. Haku and I would start as students and Zabuza would start as a gym teacher. Zabuza was against the idea until I said he would train/torture teenagers most of which are weak and perverted.

We didn’t get a chance to tour the school since we could get to do that tomorrow, before leaving Vali gave me a wallet and told me that I use the plastic card whenever I needed money I had so much I could buy anything I wanted and never had to worry about running out, Vali then left use to do as we pleased. Zabuza then asked me, “So what do you want me to do master.” I had never been called master by anyone so I just told him, “you are free do any you want as long as you come back to me we need you to help me with something heck you don’t even have to goto work at the school if you want to you can sit around the house and train and play those games Vali told us about and just send a shadow clone to school for you, Haku and I might just do that if school gets too boring.”
Our first stop after school was to get me some real cloths not the cloths that I was supplied with I went to the underwear store first while I sent Haku to sent Zabuza a suit and some other sets of cloths for Zabuza and himself. At the underwear store I first had to be measured by the attendant, I was told I was a 39C my size had gone up I wasn’t Hinata or Ino range yet but not far away. I got a few sexy bras to match the panties already had, some normal bra and panty sets and a pair on panties with a frog on the butt, a pair with rabbit on the butt and a few sports bras for training and battles, and one last set for when I was ready to get with Haku. After the underwear store I headed to the women’s clothing store I bought a ladies version of Haku’s suit in black with both pants and a skirt, with a red dress and the lowest healed shows I could find. I also got myself an updated version of the outfit I went to the war with and new version of my jumpsuits with shorts and pants and the standard ninja war outfit for myself as well. After I was done with my shopping I checked on Haku and Zabuza they bought a few suits for themselves as well as a kimono for Haku and standard kiri ninja outfits for them as well.

We sealed all of the cloths in a scroll and headed to the grocery store to stock up on food for as long as needed, I bought ever flavor of ramen they had along with every flavor of chips encase I meet up with Chōji again, I also got a few hundred pounds of rice, some of the top sushi I could get, a larger Varity of fruits, vegetables and meats as well I told the store to try and get me some Kobe beef at a later date. By the time we were done it was night and we headed home. One the way I sensed someone following us, it turned out to be someone that looked like a man but his aura felt like something inhuman. In appearance he looked think someone from the hidden cloud village with no hair on his head and a black business suit he said “I am Camael, a fallen angel and I came to check out the new devils in the area,” he then through a chakra spear at us, good for us and bad for him we are trained ninja and could dodge the chakra spear with ease. He followed up with by making a light bow and shooting a barrage of light arrows most of which we dodged with ease but took a few skin breaking wounds from them. With the next barrage Haku’s hand was covered in a golden claw like full arm glove, which he raised into the air and made all the spears vanish into nothing. I then changed into sage mode and the named fallen angel with storm and magma Rasengans instantly vaporizing the named fallen angel.

Our battle was being watched by a boy that felt just like Haku and Vali but much weaker. After the battle he came up to us and said his name was Issei Hyodo and he is a devil. I told him we are the same and we come from a small village of ninjas. The base knowledge of Japan the evil pieces gave us told us that there were ninjas in this world and there still may be so if he is stupid he would believe us hook, line and sinker, stupid he was and believe us he did. His uniform was from Kuoh Academy, so I told him we were starting tomorrow and we would discuss details after school with him and the other devils there then. After our chat with Issei we headed home, unsealed and put all our goods away, and went to sleep in our own rooms Haku sleeping by my side.
Sage devil and the void dragon emperor chapter 3
So ends chapter 3 the next chapter will start will Issei pov of the battle and then go over Haku, Naruko and Zabuza first day at Kouh along with their meeting with Rias and Sona. I will deal with the fact Issei is both attracted to and scared of Naruko and Haku and will hate Zabuza after his first gym class with him. Naruko and Haku will be 2nd years and when they join Neji will be a 3rd year and Itachi and Nagato will be 1st years since they choose to de-age themselves they won’t show up till chapter 4 at least. Haku’s dragon will also get a formal name in chapter 4. The fallen angel Camael is from the 2006 ABC Family miniseries fallen. Naruko didn’t use her Rinnegan powers because she hasn’t mastered them yet. She will learn them after she revives Nagato and Sharingan powers after she revives Itachi. Naruko’s other pieces should be revealed in later chapters at she will get an extra back row piece. Another thing I will go over is how chess and shogi differ so expect lots of info dumping next chapter. When the chapter will be I can’t say for sure I am thinking the week after Christmas.
Sage devil and the void dragon emperor
As you may notice I copied the first part of the Sage reborn and the ghastly bloodline
That is because both stories have the same opening since the main male and female leads are the same but setting is different
Normal speech
Biju /sage mode/dragon speech
During the war Haku's will has taken but sealed in a way he couldn't be returned to the afterlife still left sealed even after Kabuto undid the edo tensei jutsu. When the ninja army gathered together Suna ninja Maki came to Naruko and said "he wanted to see you one last time before returning to the afterlife so when this all ends unseal him and send him off" and passed her a scroll containing Edo Tensei Haku. The war continued with Naruko and Sasuke fighting to the end. But Sasuke damaged Naruko's eyes rendering her mostly blind but she could still see enough to finish Sasuke off. Unable to fully see him Naruko landed a fatal blow in his last breath Sasuke told Sakura to place his eyes in Naruko. In Naruko Sasuke's remained Sharingan eye shifted into a second Rinnegan eye and Rinne Sharingan eye formed in the center of her forehead marking her as the next sage.
The previous sage, Hagoromo then appeared to her saying, "now that this world is saved Naruko as the new sage you will have to help another world deal with a coming crisis between three factions of non-human called devil, angels, and fallen angels and the many other races brought into their conflicts. You will meet the gods that inspired the sharingan jutsu along with many others. The three warring factions inspired the major religion called Christianity but little to do the most of the factions and their founders are dead and their generals and spawn and followers those generals are now in command. My cohort Ryūshin Ophis will assist you in joining and aiding the faction of your choice. Now I will send you to the world between all worlds to meet her.”
When I woke up I was already in sage mode. I guess Hagoromo left me with enough to hold sage mode as long as I needed to. I was floating in a space of bright colors like looking through a kaleidoscope with only color I could focus on was the golden aura of sage mode. Then Kurama asked Kurama how long I was out. Kurama boomed in with “not long father told me that only 2 beings should be here right now besides us the dragons Ophis and the Great Red. If we run or float into the great red don’t stare at him it will just piss him off. Father also said no matter the form Ophis takes don’t refer to it using condescending names Ophis is older than even the Shinju. Father said that the shinju may have been formed from a part of the great red or Ophis father speculated but neither one gave him a clear answer.”
I floated in the colorful void for a few more minutes wondering what a real dragon looks like. I have seen lots of jutsu meant to look like dragons but never had seen a real living dragon maybe Hagoromo, Kaguya, Asura or Indra dragons when they were creating the jutsu all ninja used or maybe humans of the past saw them and decided to make jutsu that looked like the dragons they saw. I once asked the toad elders what all the summon contracts were he lists off contracts for animals I have heard of and some for animals I never heard of one being dragon but not many had reached the land of dragons and returned alive. The snake sages that advanced to far enough level would call themselves dragon sages but never contracted real dragons. I consulted Kurama about it but neither she nor Mito or mother ran into dragons or dragon contractors in their time on the earth full of ninjas and chakra. After floating for what felt like hours I saw a girl in a frilly black dress covered a bow on the rear, a purple accessory on his head, a white skirt and an open from section with black x’s covering her AA-cup breasts. She also had waist length black hair and pointy ear in height she was about four feet eight inches. She spoke to me in a monotone voice, “so you must be the Naruko-chan, Hagoromo-chan told me you would be coming. So which faction do you want to join.” I responded with “I guess the devils since I was always called a devil by the villagers I have always wondered what it would like to be one. Angels sound so stuffy and fallen Angels sounds like normal angels just bigger assholes. ““That monster in your gut would be could be called a youkai in the world we are about to go to,” she responded with, “so devil it is you will be Naruko Caim lost member of a extinct and help stave off suitors your little friend Haku will be your queen and husband Haku Caim. “ “Wait queen did you say Haku used to like dressing in feminine cloths but I check after he died the first time I check and he had boy parts. Don’t tell me you turned Haku into a girl and you expect me to marry a girl. Wait how can I girl be a husband, “I blurted out before being interrupted by the girl “no I mean queen as in queen piece in your peerage. You will be given 15 chess pieces well 14 after Haku is brought back to life. Chess is a game close to shogi with a few different pieces have someone explain the rules when you get to your new school your best teachers right will be Sona Sitri or Rias Gremory. Right now all you need to know is that these pieces are free revive jutsu without having to use those special eyes of yours. Your pieces differ from any other set as they can bring anyone dead from your world back to this world as your peerage. By the way my name is Ophis and I am not a little girl I am a dragon I choose this form for fun “the girl now identifying herself as Ophis said as I drifted back to sleep.
I woke up what seemed like the next day in a room larger than any I had ever stayed in before in a bed larger than any I had ever sleep in before naked next to someone I did know, Haku who was also naked and still a guy an excited one at that next to me in bed. I asked Kurama were I was. He responded with “you are in the new world humans of this world have less chakra than lee and no way to draw it out just like lee. Devils, fallen angels and angels and anything else non-human will feel like ninja of varying levels based on their rank. Low class genin level, mid class chunin level and so on and so on your chakra would be considered satan level or higher. And about sex you didn’t have it the tiny dragon just did that as a joke. Even if you did you are just like your mother and Mito before you will be as an eternal virgin due to my regeneration powers your hymen will break everytime and grow back when you are done you can fix it with a seal like both of them did and even your husband is so naïve and innocent he barely know what sex is lets alone what how to do it. He doesn’t even know he is back to being alive yet or that is devil like you. The dragon left you a note read it and have fun explaining the situation to your little husband-chan.” Kurama went back to her personal spot in my mindscape to meditate or do what ever she does in her alone time. I look to the desk next to my bed from Ophis.

I will reveal the contents of the note and everything else Naruko needs to know next chapter Vali will help her learn thing about the dxd world for the first while as a favor to Ophis. The chapter will start with naruko’s pov then haku’s pov then vali’s pov then back to naruko’s pov if I have time. Like it said don’t expect it anytime soon I will write on my days off work and I want to get a chapter of fate sword that severs evil done next then after that gx queen of games then I will write the next chapter of this. The main story will pick up at the end o season 1. wait for it.
Sage devil and the void dragon emperor chapter 1

As you may notice I copied the first part of the Sage reborn and the ghastly bloodline

That is because both stories have the same opening since the main male and female leads are the same but setting is different

The letter
Naruko pov
I picked up the letter and read it
Dear new sage brat
This is Ophis, I sent you to this world in the form of your choice as a devil your cover story is you were sent to the ninja world as a baby and grew up in that world. Since your fox friend would be considered a youkai is this world we will keep that part about him being sealed into you. You are naked because cloths get destroyed inside the dimension gap unless you have a special aura such as sage mode and when I turned you into a devil you passed out and your cloths went with it , but don’t worry about that I had your sizes checked by a female friends of mine and had the drawers and closet to the right side of your room stocked with cloths that will fit you and the ones on the left side with cloths that fit Haku. I had this house bought for you with a 3rd of the stock of gold from your world another 3rd of the gold has sold for this country’s money and the rest is in a vault under your house with just the 3rd left you could be considered the 50th richest person in the world. When I revived Haku I asked if there was a person he wanted to revive it has his former mentor Zabuza so Haku used a pawn piece to revive him. He is already living at the far end of the house and his job will be as a gym teacher at the school you will be going to, he hates the ichaicha series books and its readers with a passion. He knows you and Haku could be considered his new masters and will not go into you room to see your ichaicha books so don’t worry about that. I already set a deal to sell ichaicha series to international publishers with all proceeds going to the same bank account I put your money in. the deal was set up 6 months ago in this world’s time (time passed much faster in kuguya’s world and the gap) so the books are international best sellers with both male and female perverts world wide and is most popular in this country. The country you are in is called Japan its past was much like the ninja world you came from with language more or less like the language of the elemental nations (it has expanded due to additions from the other nations of this world). You won’t have to learn these new words since I added the knowledge of this world to your evil pieces so you and anyone else you revive will have knowledge of basic stuff in this world, you will still have to learn about the culture and such. You won’t have to worry about understanding the other languages of this world since your devil powers come with the gift to speak and understand all languages. I gave you a large western style house that can house at least 30 if needed; it also comes with a pool, weight room and training dojo also all the rooms are well insolated so you can be as loud as you want and not disturb anyone else. It turns out Haku was born with a sacred gear that would have never woke up on it own your world even with edo tensei, the gear also came with a dragon inside of it so he will have a voice in his head much like your fox. I have never met this dragon so I can’t tell you if he is a pervert like your foxy friend from what I know he might not even know his own name due have been in your world even before ninjutsu was taught. I have sent a friend of mine to help you for a day or so. He should be waiting in your living room with Zabuza when you and Haku get up. So don’t take too long greet him after reading this.

I put the letter down and went over to the dress to see what cloths that little dragon got for me.
Sage devil and the void dragon emperor chapter 2
I wanted to get this done at least. There will be another much longer chapter tomorrow dealing with Naruko and Haku going into town with Vali the chapter will start with the comedy of Naruko dealing with the cloths that one of Ophis’ followers bought for Naruko. Zabuza will be the gym teacher from hell and make the pervert trio hate him. Issei will try and perv on Naruko with disastrous results. I will leave all the readers of ichaicha series a surprise the next chapter will have lots of info dumping Naruko will get her peerage and use then in the chapter after the next one
Naruko is on a tear above even the satans.
doujin preview 182 by michelous
doujin preview 182
ryuko x Uzu Sanageyama
kill la kill doujinshi
doujin preview 181 by michelous
doujin preview 181
fem bunny girl allen x kanda
d. gray-man doujinshi


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