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Saber’s rebirth chapter 5 lion, past self and war
This chapter will cover the Arrancar arc
Grimmjow will get expanded origin as well as Aaroniero

Ichigo pov
For about 2 weeks I was having dreams every night of another me in a brutal war with an invisible version of my bankai at first then a fully visible golden version of the same sword. I knew its name Excalibur, the sword of promised victory, I some how knew said sword was given to me by me in another time lady of the lake and the fairies to protect mankind from all evils. My dreams ended with me being stabbed by someone I love I wish I knew why he did it but he looked like the boy I saw in my past. When all the dreams ended I was filled with memories of another me this me was a king dressing as a man. A favorite memory of mine was of a lion cub, I loved that cub like my own child no more than the child I never knew I had little did I know that child would come back for its mother.

6 months had past since; my new memories had enhanced my fighting styles and given me new abilities: my body healed much faster than before, I felt more like a leader, I was stronger and faster in my human body I still had yet to test my soul reaper powers, my battle instincts became stronger my father could no longer even hit me, and lastly whenever I would touch a vehicle I would know how to drive it to its max and even push it far beyond from bicycles to super cars and even jet planes. I knew I might be able to but had yet to test my skill on anything but bikes, scooters and light motorcycles.

Most of my days during the slow time were spent training and school, boys brave enough would try to ask me out but I only wanted only Rukia or the red haired boy from my memories I somehow knew it could only be either of them. Then came the day that the peace ended once again, that day started father tried to attack me as I woke up and when  he did I tried to return his charm only to have it attached to my uniform permanently. Another development has the white me in began to grow restless and trying to take over.

After school that day I met a new student, Shinji Hirako that said I was with a vizard, fusion of soul reaper and hollow and he was one as well. The next day during school the hollow detector on soul reaper badge went of like crazy. 2 new very human like hollows were in a fight with Chad and Orihime, the first hollow was a large, bald, dark skin, beefy male with bones over his jaw and the other was in polar opposite a skinny, more reserved male with black hair covered by a white helmet. The large guy had defeated Chad and broken one of Orihime’s fairies. Using my bankai I removed the big guy’s arm but before I could land a decisive hit my hollow took over and froze me in place letting large one bring me down if Yoruichi and Urahara hadn’t arrived we would’ve all been killed.

For the next day or so I was depressed over my hollow and my defeat, until Rukia came and brought me out my funk. Along with Rukia came Ikkaku Madarame, Yumichika Ayasegawa, Renji Abarai, Tōshirō Hitsugaya, and Rangiku Matsumoto. That night after the soul reaper group arrived a group of the new hollows called Arrancar, a fusion of hollow and soul reapers. Each member of group met our at least one Arrancar. Rukia and I saved Chad from an Arrancar with an American football shaped helmet, that Rukia defeated using his shikai. After that one was defeated, another much stronger Arrancar calling himself Grimmjow. Grimmjow was a tall, muscular man with light blue spiky hair and light blue eyes, the latter including green lines below them, similar to the eye markings on those of a lion with a partial jawbone on his face. Grimmjow stabbed Rukia and before he attacking me looked at me like someone he knew but he said “couldn’t be she is supposed to be dead,” then came at me.

Using just my shikai Grimmjow shrugged off everything I threw at him even with bankai he was still too good until I used black Getsuga Tenshō and my hollow took over. The attack left Grimmjow stunned but not from the damage but from look of the attack. Lucky for me and Rukia Grimmjow was stopped by the dark skinned traitor Kaname Tōsen.

A few days later I knew I needed control of my hollow and sought out Shinji for help. He brought me to his to rest of his group for training. After the other Vizards fought off my hollow self on the outside and I fought her on the inside I defeated her and gained the power to use her mask giving me short power boosts. After another month Grimmjow returned with another stronger group of Arrancar. I was able to fight on par with Grimmjow but unfortunately for me my mask power didn’t last allowing Grimmjow to take Rukia and myself once again. The next day I woke up healed and found out Orihime was forced to go with the goto Hueco Mundo.

The soul society denied me going to save Orihime saying she was a traitor, so I went on my own.  The group leaving was Uryu, Chad and I, Chad had been training with Renji over the time between battles and Uryu got is powers back after training with his father. As we entered Hueco Mundo 2 weak Arrancar attacked but there were no problem for Chad’s and Uryu’s training and easily defeated. After leaving we met 3 friendly Arrancar a young girl Arrancar named Nel Tu and her brothers riding a worm hollow.   After meeting family, we attacked by a sand hollow only to be saved by Rukia and Renji.
Our next battles started when we got to into Aizen’s castle Las Noches, inside we were separated into several groups, Nel and I, Chad and the fat brother and Uryu and the skinny bug like brother.

My fight was against Alessandro Del Socaccio and Spaniard looking wind master that was a former a former high ranked Arrancar known as a Privaron Espada with help from hell and use of my mask I defeated Alessandro with ease. During my fight Rukia started his own fight against the number 10 Espada Aaroniero Arruruerie, it turns out Aaroniero encountered my previous incarnation Kaien Shiba and tore off a piece of our soul including my past self’s Zanpakuto  the water controlling spear Nejibana. With Aaroniero’s death I felt more complete and powerful and would gain another Zanpakuto in the future.

My next fight was the 4th Espada Ulquiorra, it was less of a fight and more Ulquiorra impaling me and leaving Orihime to heal me for my next battle. After I was healed, Grimmjow returned for our last fight. In this fight we pulled out all we had and more. I used my mask to it max and Grimmjow changed to his Resurrección form Leone with that I relieved what Grimmjow was to me he was my pet lion in my past life as Artoria Pendragon , he too Aizen’s offer for the chance to be with me again but Grimmjow couldn’t fully recognize me till I defeated him.

Right after Grimmjow was defeated the next Espada up the ladder came this one was number 5 Nnoitra Gilga he easily defeated Grimmjow and I leaving Nel to try a hand at Nnoitra but Nel’s true power didn’t last and Kenpachi saved Nel and I and killed Nnoitra. During Kenpachi’s fight Orihime restored Nel and I to full health. After I was healed another Espada named Stark took her. When I went after her I was greeted again by the 4th Espada Ulquiorra again. in our fight the 4th Espada changed his form not once by twice and the 2nd form would’ve killed me if my inner hollow didn’t change me into my own Resurrección form to kill Ulquiorra. Knowledge of what Uryu and Orihime told me I did in this form scared me more than anything I never wanted to enter than form ever again.

After the fight and saving Rukia from the Yammy again I was healed by the 4th squad caption Retsu Unohana on the way back to the living world to face down Aizen. Gin distracted me while Urahara, Yoruichi and my father fought Aizen but even at full power none of them had the power to defeat Aizen. With my hollow powers I overwhelmed Gin with ease only to have Aizen save him and goto back to the society and get the King’s Key from the real Karakura Town. Lucky for us Aizen broke the cleaners in the gap between worlds, letting me train in the time distortion between worlds to master final Getsuga Tenshō.

To train I had to dive into my inner world and meet the spirit of my bankai, Tensa Zangetsu, unlike normal Zangetsu my bankai spirit was a much younger man with shorter hair and no beard to speak of. Tensa Zangetsu pulled out and merged with my hollow to face me for the chance to gain the final Getsuga Tenshō. On his defeat my bankai spirit said to using the final Getsuga Tenshō would cost me my powers as a soul reaper. After mastering the technique I left for the real Karakura to save my friends before Aizen got to them. The power I gained was more than Aizen could pull off and when he changed to the strongest form he could gain I used to final Getsuga Tenshō to change into Mugetsu making my body the Getsuga letting me beat Aizen to the point that Urahara could seal him.
After using the technique I feel into a coma for a month with my powers gone. When I woke up my Reiatsu was gone making me unable to see Rukia and letting me go back to a normal life until the time my powers were needed again.
Sabers rebirth chapter 5 lion.past self and war


This chapter is done the next chapter will be in 2 weeks

I would’ve done more but I have been having power issues due to the snow in my area. The next chapter will be Fullbring arc and Shirou post war slice of life. Next week will be more sage devil



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