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Sage reborn and the ghastly bloodline rewrite chapter 1

Rewrite the new version of story will take place in naruto world I will be using fsn elements to do transport. Another thing will this will take place around the auction arc of Tokyo ghoul re Naruko will be training to be hokage but not hokage yet her rank will be special jonin/ Tokubetsu Jonin with kakashi as hokage
I will have lots of info dumping this chapter on ghouls and
Re will be in/outside konoha I am going with konoha will have perfect soil for coffee and at least one of Quinx will have lived in Hawaii and know how to raise coffee ghouls can make good hunter nin because remove body via eating other ghoul will can eat bandits ghoul ranks will go with mission ranks all of the ghouls and ccg will be sent to naruto-verse during the battle with Kaguya during the battle at least a few days Sasaki will be the 2nd protagonist with Naruko as main protagonist the pairings will be Sasaki/Kaneki x Touka and Naruko x Haku Sasuke x Sakura Hanami x Ayato Hinata x Kiba Ino x Sai other canon pairings  

Naruto world 3rd person pov
During the war Haku’s will has taken but sealed in a way he couldn’t be returned to the afterlife still left sealed even after Kabuto undid the edo tensei jutsu. When the ninja army gathered together Suna ninja Maki came to Naruko and said “he wanted to see you one last time before returning to the afterlife so when this all ends unseal him and send him off” and passed her a scroll containing Edo Tensei Haku. The war continued with Naruko and Sasuke fighting to the end. But Sasuke damaged Naruko’s eyes rendering her mostly blind but she could still see enough to finish Sasuke off. Unable to fully see him Naruko landed a fatal blow in his last breath Sasuke told Sakura to place his eyes in Naruko. In Naruko Sasuke’s remained Sharingan eye shifted into a second Rinnegan eye and Rinne Sharingan eye formed in the center of her forehead marking her as the next sage.

Tokyo ghoul world during the battles at the auction house
While Takizawa was rampaging he knocked over a crate with a strange crystalline sword inside. The shocked activated a hidden power within the sword bathing the auction location in light then targeting every ghoul and ranked ccg officer and sending them to a new world where.

Naruto world a few moments later Sasaki pov
I woke up in what looked like a city in the process of rebuilding the strange thing was there where no people about just giant tree branches with human sized pods hanging from them the only people that were around were the CCG members and ghoul that were in us in the auction house and most of them had yet to wake up. This world from my first sniff was much better than Tokyo the air was clean unlike Tokyo that dirty and polluted the only human smell was from the pods and sleeping CCG members near my close to me. I woke up the rest of the Quinx quad at my sides then searched the city for life.

A few days later real time after the battle Naruko pov
It turns out the last thing Madara did with his remaining life was return all the edo tensei to life with Rinne tensei but they were all different they had the same black sclera but red pupils and red veins showing throughout. Lucky for me Sasuke was still alive just eyeless, in theory I could give him a chakra rod like Nagato did, make him a path body but not now I want him to live in a world without sight for the time I had to. My 2nd plan was to test the Rinne tensei on Haku to see if he changed in the same way the others did, I unsealed Haku from the scroll and preformed the jutsu on him, Haku’s skin returned to its same tone but his eyes turned the same as the other. I could also tell there was a chakra pouch on his back as well. Haku’s first action after being revived was to give me a hug. After our embrace, we were greeted by a voice saying “welcome to the family son” it was my father with the same eyes as Haku. The Kages gave the newly revived a choice “either rejoin their former villages or go on into the wild just don’t cause trouble and you will get left alone.” Everyone made their choices most came back to their villages, after everyone decided were to go dad used flying thunder god to transport all the Konoha citizens back home.

Before the Ninja army returns after battle Sasaki pov
It has been a few days in the area/world all, I gathered all the CCG members I could find and incapacitated or killed every ghoul we could find most of the smart ghoul left into the wide world to further explore and look for food. Too our misfortunes the Quinx squad and I have been drawn to RC count were normal food won’t satisfy us so we were forced to eat dead ghouls to keep hunger under control. One entire ghoul each kept all of us good for a few days until the tree branches lowered the pods and people came out of them most of them untrained civilians while the other were obviously military with headbands with metal plates of the with a leaf symbol in the middle and flake jackets covering their torsos. As highest ranking CCG member I made the choice to surrender to the soldiers and wait for their leader to discuss our situation. I made the decision to keep the Quinx and I away from the other encase our hunger got out of control and we needed to eat. For a few hours we waited for the main force to return from the battlefield, it appears this nation was just at war and most of their forces just returned.

As de facto leader I choose to have a discussion with the village leader, Tsunade Senju, also called the hokage or fire shadow, about our situation and explained to her about ghouls and what her newly revived soldiers were as well and the strengths, weaknesses and dietary needs of ghouls. Some of the best news for the ghoul was the coffee shop Re. and well as a large crop of coffee plants large enough to make coffee for the ghouls in the village. Tsunade was a little shocked by this but was ok because there was a population of criminals, rogue ghouls and rogue ninjas as well as the locality for everyone to eat. Among the ninja forces were about 50 full ghouls. After mental tests from the village’s mind readers all of the CCG were cleared for full ninja service. For both good and bad luck for me my integrator, a teenage girl named Ino Yamanaka, while digging through my mind hit the place where my former memories were kept and I learned who I really was and about the love I forgot.

After the girl cleared me I ran to the new RE, found Touka and gave her a tight hug and said “Touka sorry for forgetting you. I love you.” Touka crying said “welcome back stupid Kaneki. I love you too and missed you so much it hurt. When I saw you walk in a little while back I wanted to tell you but I couldn’t break your happiness.” Then she planted a kiss on my lips. We shared kisses for about an hour almost to the point of heading to further bases but stopped before stripping. I told her “we need to wait to see how this world works before we go any further.”  

Minato’s and kushina’s former home Naruko pov
Instead of going to my apartment which as to small for 3 people, Haku, Dad and I went to the outskirts of the village were his and mom’s former house was sealed, he then removed the seal so we could move in. My first move was to send clones to get the stuff from my apartment and move it into the house. Dad gave Haku and I his and mom’s room while he took the room meant for me. My next move was to head to the meditation room to try and contact Hagoromo to see what is going with my dad and Haku being revived as ghouls and this CCG and ghouls were brought to this world. After I short while I met the sage and we began to talk of the goings on. When I asked him what was going. He told me “it was most likely the work of an old friend of mine and another dimension traveler Kischur Zelretch Schweinorg; he could have done it himself or left an item in their world that caused this displacement the former edo tensei becoming ghouls might have had something to with the dimension transfer there are more beings in the gap between worlds than Zelretch and I they have been known to screw around at the same time dimension walls are thin my mother might not have helped. Chaos gods might have used all the mess around or one of those gods might have wanted to send the ghouls to another world. Sorry I couldn’t be a better help but balance is the role of the sage, your role is bring solving this new issue. I wish you luck.”  After leaving the meditation I said fuck to need to relieve stress. When I was stressed on missions I would go into cave or something and please myself I would also do that when my tenant would send me into a heat like state just so he would feel my pleasure. This time I have partner to try out if I can get him ready.

Kaneki pov
After I calmed down I asked the Hokage if the Quinx and I could go back to the battlefield to check for to find food for my squad and her Ghoul ninjas, Tsunade, buried in paperwork, said yes, she knew she needed to feed a lot of bodies so. If I can’t find any dead bodies I guess I will have to go in a hunting party from wondering bandits, criminals or rogue ninjas. Our official helpers where pale teen boy with long black hair named Haku Yuki, later 20’s spiky haired blond with light tan named Minato Namikaze and his Human daughter Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze, Naruko had the same blond hair and skin tone as her father but 3 whisker marks on each cheek and very strange eyes completely light purple with 6 rings.

The Hokage briefed us about these eyes they were called the Rinnegan said eye make her more or less godly, removing soul, reading mind, changing body into crazy weapons, summoning giant animals, gravity control, energy absorption and interrogation mastery if that isn’t godly I don’t know  is. The boy Haku has his own set of skill he was trained as a hunter and has mastery of ice. Lastly the Naruko’s father had teleportation powers; he was the one that would take us to the battlefield.
Naruko pov
With my failed seduction of Haku (he passed out from nose bleed lose after I started stripping), I was called to go on mission with Dad and Haku the detail were c-rank corpse hunting mission that might turn into b-rank hunting mission the main goal was to get corpses from the battlefields of the war and if all the bodies where already removed by other ghoul we would have to hunt down rogue ninja or criminals to feed them instead. Thanks to my good luck there were more than enough bodies with little decay left and the Zetsu trees were more than edible enough for the ghouls to eat. Minato, Haku and Sasaki’s team ate their fill and we sealed the rest for transport then headed back the village to prepare for future conflicts. I would have to try and get Haku ready soon for sex so research for more.
Sage reborn and the ghastly bloodline rewrite chap


This was hard to write the main plot of this story will be conflicts between the ninja villages and the ghouls. Aogiri Tree will regroup and gather more forces so. The clowns are also studying the ninja world for more ways to create their own brand of chaos. I am thinking the first few chapters will be relationship building between Haku x Naruko and Touka x Sasaki I might also tap other chapters and pairing as well like Asuma x Kurenai and other konoha pairs I might also do some stuff with Ayato x Hinami

If this plot doesn’t work I might go back to the older plot

doujin preview 152 by michelous
doujin preview 152
Taichi/tai x Daisuke/davis(Fem)
digimon doujinshi

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