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Exorcist x hunter chapter 5 final battles new powers and changes

Last part of chimera ant arc this will have different outcome than the anime or manga. Allen will get her fight Gon’s fight will be different

The first battle started with most of the main fighting the red hulk Menthuthuyoupi who showed off his nen ability shape shifting namely to shift into a multieye multiarm monster with enough limbs to hit all of us at once, the hulking monster called himself the kings ultimate shield. When the samurai assassin Shoot saw said monster he froze with fear yet the ant almost attack us by thanks to my ability and the chameleon ant’s ability. Knuckled used his nen monster to try and drain the monster ant’s nen but with the sheer amount of nen he had it would take Knuckle’s beast a very long time to drain said nen.  

It turns out the nen dragons missed the king and the majority of the ant but the king’s friend Komugi was so lucky so the cat girl ant Neferpitou was forced to use her nen creation doctor Blythe to heal the girl while Netero lured the king into a fight with him. Netero left with the king I was chasing the butterfly ant Shaiapouf who was very evasive with his division ability with every copy I could kill more would pop up. At the same time, Shoot was trying to stave off the attacks of the monsters red hulk with little success. On the way to thrown room Killua and Ikalgo met minor resistance in the form of weaker chimera ants but they were nothing the duo couldn’t handle.

Right as the path was clear Gon reached the room were the cat girl was working on Komugi waiting for the battle to begin, giving her a time limit for Pitou to be healed. I continued to chase butterfly man Shaiapouf with still no luck he was trying to disrupt Morel and I would stop his scale attack with my ice so we were still in a stalemate. On Netero’s fight with the king Zeno left over injury of Komugi leaving Netero with a dragon to send the king and Netero to a battlefield in a ruined castle far enough to use the bomb in his chest without affecting his comrades.

At the same time Ikalgo was trying to infiltrate the deeper parts of the palace to find and free the captive girls including Palm who he thought was captive but was really in a cocoon being transformed to a chimera ant. To Ikalgo’s bad luck he messed up his entrance and revealed himself to be the wrong ant and was attacked had to escape his current disguise. Back at my fight with mine and Morel’s fight with Pouf the butterfly man managed to get some scales off but due to my ice barrier and Morel’s breathing skills neither of us was affected by said scales forcing Pouf to put himself into a cocoon for escape. Back with shoot’s fight with Youpi it hasn’t going well for the samurai forcing Knuckle to aid his friend and show off APR moving the fight to another level and Youpi to switch to much faster form.

At the same time Gon was giving Pitou the most hateful epic stare down ever while waiting for the healing to be complete. While waiting for the fights Killua’s father Silva came to pick up Killua’s grandfather Zeno. The father and son had a chat suggesting the point Killua had reached. At the same time the battle of Knuckle and Youpi was reaching its breaking point with Youpi’s injuring of Shoot sending Knuckle into full on rage mode but so was Youpi and the rage the chimera ant was much worse due to Youpi’s nen ability to make himself bigger and nastier and even explode with rage blasts. The blasts forced Knuckle to hide and plan for his next attack while Youpi charged another attack.

Youpi was still in a rage trying to get Knuckle out for another with no luck the only thing the rage blasts were doing was breaking the castle and giving Pouf a chance to escape Morel and I and knocking away the unbreakable APR. Ikalgo in the underground found a secret message from Palm and thought Palm might have been dead. Back with Youpi and Knuckle battle and with the help of Killua brought down the hulking chimera ant with a brand new paralyzing electric attack. Killua used his new lightning attack he called Godspeed with the power to hit Youpi with shocking hit and runs but the hulk was only slightly hurt by the attack but Godspeed let Killua escape unharmed with the help of Meleoron.

In the under ground Ikalgo used sleeping gas the escape the shrimp chimera ant Bloster. With Pouf’s escape I was forced to play cat and mouse with the butterfly man and now his new insane mini clones trying to find which clone was the real one with no luck. While my hunt began Morel joined the fight with Youpi and Knuckle using smoke clones to distract the hulking rage monster ant. While chasing a Pouf clone I saw Gon giving Pitou the most epic evil look while wondering why Gon hadn’t made his attacked the cat girl yet I knew it was for the little girl Pitou was healing but the Pouf clone had no idea. With the battle with Youpi the clones were making the rage monster ant even more pissed off to launch another rage blast almost hitting the wounded Shoot. Pitou was pretty much begging the Pouf clone for help but the chibi butterfly man seemed to not care.

I watched in hidden ice mode while Gon and Pitou had a discussion and the fight with Youpi ended with the red hulk changing form again to search for the king. At the ruins the fight between the chairman and the king began. The chairman’s nen ability was a giant golden Buddha statue under with control with massive offensive power but not enough for the ant king’s the battle was pretty much Netero attacking and the king dodging until no damage exchanged no matter what the chairman did nothing could get the king to fight back. Netero had one gambit to get the king to fight the name given to the king by his mother Meruem as reward for defeating the chairman to the point where he had the chairman down but able to speak. The knowledge of his name sent the ant into battle.

At the same time Ikalgo showed his will and courage and won a fight the wolf chimera ant Welfin and the 2 ants talked about their formers human lives and how they knew each other in the past. After their exchange Welfin told the octopus ant of Palm’s fate and soon to be rebirth as an ant. Palm’s first action after rebirth was to go after Killua then maybe Gon. Palm’s attacks on Killua her harsh but even as an ant she still didn’t have the power to take Killua down and with my help the 2 of us talked the vengeful woman down and helped her recover the former human memories she had and she quickly killed the chibi Pouf and joined our side.

After that chibi was done I went after the next butterfly man clone the one in the room with Gon and Pitou. The interruption made Gon cut the time the cat girl had for surgery to 10 more minutes before Gon will attack.

Back at the ruins the fight there went underway with Netero used all 100 hand of the Buddha to attack the king but the king still had speed advantage but did take slight damage and got sent into the deep ruins by the attack, this part of the ruins was called the tomb by the chairman and will be the current tomb for the king. The next stage of the fight went on with the hunter chairman continuing to use his Buddha to attack and the King ant found and way hole in the attacks to take Netero’s leg. But Netero quickly closed the leg wound and continued to attack with the Buddha arms but again the king found a way threw and took the chairman’s arm as well. Netero used the last of his nen for one final blast but that wasn’t even enough to end the fight so the chairman used that bomb I saw in his chest to end the battle with one well of a bang turning the battlefield into a scorched crater and making a rose shaped cloud.

After seeing the cloud Killua told me the bomb was called a miniature rose and it has been banned by the world government, he told me those bombs were very hard to acquire and  said weapon was too much overkill for his family even his they could get it.

As the fight with the king ended the fight with Gon and Neferpitou began with their fight moving from the castle to the wood near the palace. Before the fight moved everyone but myself offered to help because I had my own weapon to end the battle if it got out of hand. Before their fight really began the other royal guards cried over the fallen scorched body of their king and began to heal him by using their own nen and body parts to restore the king to perceived health and shrink them to chibi forms of their own. After being restored the king grew wings and flew back to the palace. When I saw Meruem land in the palace I saw what looked like a small star on the bottom of his foot and I became suddenly curious of the bomb’s makers.

Before the king returned a Pouf clone tried to attack Komugi only to for her to be saved by Killua and Godspeed. The returned king lacked memories making him easy for the butterfly man to manipulate into following his mother’s goal of world conquest but slow the king was slowing getting more stars from akuma virus the spots made the 2 guards very nervous so nervous that I could get Pouf to fight me man to girl. I found a Pouf clone and told him “butterfly pervert, if you want to know both your king’s name and what is wrong with him you fight me no more cloning, you disperse all your clones and just fight me. You win your king can live on you lose and your red brother. Your king and you all die.”  That statement made Shaiapouf' disperse all his clones and come at me in a real fight.

Back with Gon and Pitou they arrived at the place were the puppet corpse of Kite was being kept. While that was happening if fought the Pouf, but it turns out all Pouf could do was dodge he could dodge pretty fast too fast for me to hit until Palm told me something was wrong with Gon that I needed to help him soon. The need to help my friend forced my Sode no Shirayuki to 100% synchronization, my current outfit changed into a white, ankle-length kimono with lined patterns. The robe has an attached ornate collar, edges, and shoulder design with long, wide sleeves. There are long, flowing ribbons tied at my back that form numerous large loops. I had a small ice flower formation at the center of my chest and a half crown of ice which extends around the back of my head and my dagger became I long ice katana I knew the new weapon as Hakka no Togame. With Hakka no Togame froze everything but Pouf’s head and told him “I am the cure to the disease you and your fellow royal guard and your king has. See those stars on your hands you’ll have akuma blood virus and it will kill you pretty soon. I will free you from the ice to die in peace but if you tell anyone you die right away. Now I am off to save my friend.” With that I freed Pouf with an ice bomb inside him for the event he tried to reveal the virus or try to infect anyone else.

Back with Gon and Pitou, the cat girl showed Gon the dead body of and told my spiky haired friend there was nothing he could do to save his friend due the body being simply a shell with nothing inside. When Pitou used his nen monster to heal herself over Kite it filled Gon with such sadness and rage something in Gon broke. Gon’s rage changed him into the form of a full grown adult at least as strong as the ant king or even stronger. The transformed Gon unleashed all his rage on the cat girl bringing her close to death until I showed up to see the transformed Gon about to unleash the final blow on the cat girl and said “NO GON KITE’S ALIVE, HE HAS BEEN REBORN AS A CHIMERA ANT.” Those words made Gon fall out of the transformed state and into a coma.

I told the beaten cat girl “your fellow royal guards and king will die soon but you can live on with your mate. I know the boy you fought is your destined mate.” I made a nen contract saying “I will keep Pitou alive as long as she abandons the king, joins me on my quest, refuses to no longer eat humans, and heals Gon she will get to live and someday make a new family with Gon.” The cat girl ant signed my contract and brought Gon back to the former nest in NGL to recover and become a chimera like her.

Back at the palace APR popped sapping all of his nen making the red hulk die from the akuma virus and turn to dust in an instant. The next action of the king was to look for any enemies and quickly knock them out the first 2 being Knuckle and Meleoron. The next targets of the king were Palm and Ikalgo with Killua coming to find Gon. When Killua arrived at the scene of the battle I told him that Gon was someone were else being healed and we should be able to see him in a few days a week max. With that knowledge Killua sighed in relief and headed back to the palace with me.

Pouf’s next move was to try and stall Meruem by offering to spread scales but the he didn’t make it far before the virus killed him as well. At the bunker under the palace Palm and Ikalgo convinced Welfin to act as a messenger between our group and the king.

At the same time the king was slowly remembering little by little about his gaming partner and maybe loved one. After a few minutes Welfin confronted the King and told him Komugi’s name not after being aged to an older wolf man with no hair. the name returned the king’s memories of the blind, stupid, and cute little girl and then went up to meet her for one last game and at that game’s conclusion the king died unknowingly infecting Komugi. But lucky her I was there with a transfusion of my blood to cure her so she could go back to her family and help them live.

After everything was done Gon still had a week in left in the cocoon before he be able to join us again. The remaining Chimera was going to meteor city to try and find former ruler Gyro and with Colt the girl he called Reyna recovered her memories as her past life. When the time is right I will have Gon and her meet.  

Back with the Hunter’s Association Netero’s death caused a major backlash and soon his council known as Zodiac would return to help choose new commissioner.

Chapter end
Next will be election arc and time skip but before that I will do winner of poll
That poll will be up till Friday night at 10pm cst
Currently the poll is tied
Next chapter I am going to have Allen meet Zeno about the miniature rose
Exorcist x hunter chapter 5 final battles new powe

    Chapter end

    Next will be election arc and time skip but before that I will do winner of poll

    That poll will be up till Friday night at 10pm cst

    Currently the poll is tied

    Next chapter I am going to have Allen meet Zeno about the miniature rose

doujin preview 11 by michelous
doujin preview 11
another rukia doujin i got translated message or post if you want to see it

happy ichiruki day

doujin preview 10 by michelous
doujin preview 10
rukia doujin i had translated if you want link message me
i have a few fem al from fma doujins, one gender bent haruhi doujin, 2 d. grayman ones, and a bunch of luffy x nami ones, 2 riko from tlr, a few railgun ones, a code gess gb doujin, and a flonne x laharl + rozalin x adel , an ouran doujin and gurren laggan one if anyone want to see them

happy ichiruki day



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