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Sage of Britannia chapter 3 movement of destiny

This chapter will go into Lelouch’s battles and needs one for an army and training and how she views Suzaku and her sisters also relationship building maybe up to
episode 8 I think after the next chapter of Sage devil I might work on this till the end of season 1

Normal speech
Biju speech

Lelouch pov

When I my little sister was doing practicing folding paper cranes with a green hair girl that Nunnally said was named CC.  I touched my sister’s hand to commune mentally and ask “why that girl is in my clothing?” my sister communed back with “the grass head said she was your friend and she is in your cloths was because of complaints of her previous clothing being too type and rubbing her sensitive areas.” CC said “it is impolite to talk about me in your heads. Could these mental powers be why I couldn’t make a contract with either of you?” I replied with “why don’t you touch my hand and find out?” while trying to get the green head to touch me so I could read her mind. She came back with “I would rather not have you in my head I saw you knock out that dark skin Britannian woman and after you stole her key I checked her body for any code and she didn’t have any on her. So I could tell you need to touch to read minds and I would rather keep my secrets to myself.”  My next words is “I am more than fast enough to catch you and read you if I wish so give me a reason not to at least knock you out get into your head.” she obviously panicked said “ok I will tell you a few facts out me. 1st I may not look it but I am hundreds of years old so I can provide a future rulers like you with advice 2nd I am immortal and unable to be killed 3rd I can grant you a super power of some kind if you were to make a contract with me.” My response was “what kind of power and what would be the catch to the contract and how did you become immortal. Give me some information and we wont have to see if I can kill you or not.” CC nervously said “ok I will give you something. I knew your father and uncle when they were young and one of my former compatriots made your uncle like me when he was about 10 and they were planning something big before I left his side. Is that enough?” my next words were “for now but I will need more when I get closer to my goals.”

The next thing I heard was her stomach growl and I said “your hungry and so am I. want me to order pizza?” when I said pizza she popped up from her lying down position like a puppy hearing the can opener and said “yes get me that new pizza hunt hot dog pizza.” I said “ok if you can eat that thing.” I ordered myself smaller pepperoni lovers I needed the protein after my long hard day and that pizza was mom’s favorite. It turns out pizza became the Uz side of the Britannia royal family’s favorite food. I even had to either get a bigger pizza or not tell my little sister or she would get mad at me for not saving her any. So I changed my order to a larger size to not make my sister mad. I hated to make her mad or unhappy for any reason and it was hard to hide pizza from her for any reason.

While waiting for the pizza I check to net to see how if anything else happened with Suzaku or the rest of the world. The 1st story on the news was Suzaku got out scot-free due to my zero reveal and the 2nd was my sisters Euphemia and Cornelia were coming to take the positions of Sub-Viceroy and Viceroy of area 11 that news meant I would either have to get them to join me, kill them or avoid them. And the 3rd story that took lots of digging to find was another biju vs. biju battle on the euro front I knew I would have to get one or both of those 2 on my side for the war and to stop my father’s future plans. After pizza I told Nunnally what I did and why and we both did our nightly work out menus bathed with CC

During the bath I got a good look at the green hair girl’s body her figure was much better than mine. I was a high b-cup while she had to be at least high-c or even as high as mid-d. Right under her right breast was a pitch fork like symbol and on her stomach was the same type of seal as mine meaning someone captured the person or another member of said temple to seal the 2 tails inside her as well.

Right after I finished looking over CC’s body my tenant stirred and began to speak inside my head “so my host is a pervert. It seems someone found a way to put the 2-tails into a sleeping or coma type state. That is very troubling the only way I know how to do that is the same way my other half did by giving up his chakra to his host and was asleep for about 6 years. My best guess is they found a way to drain the 2-tails chakra to a level she could be inserted easier. The safest place to keep the girl is inside this house with the seals we made it should hide her well enough.  

I came back with “I am not a pervert I just wanted to compare my growth to someone else so few people know my true gender I don’t have many girls to compare myself with and I needed to see her seal to compare.” I then did the correct seals and chakra molding for wood jutsu to make a bed frame then used rubber type lava release to make a simple mattress and pillow with a memory form type structure then I put covers on the bed and told the green head I made this for her. When she asked were the new bed from I responded with “it is my secret I will trade secret for secret. If you want a bed I made this take it or the floor.” The girl angrily took the bed and went to sleep not wanting to trade any more information. After the girl went to sleep I did tucked my little sister in and did the same.

Suzaku pov
After a brief integration I was cleared of all due to zero taking all the credit for the murder. After I got out the integration room I caught a pink haired girl falling from a window with my brief chakra training the girl wasn’t that heavy she had to be at least she had to be in the 100lb range. The girl told me bad guys were chasing her and asked me to take her around the area and told me her name was Yuffy but after I got her name I saw her taking with a gray cat with a part tail and a gray spot over his eye. Unlucky for me the cat liked her but not me and gave me a good bite on the hand the good thing for me was I had a first aid kit and knowledge of medical ninja jutsu to fix myself when I was alone. The pink head bandaged me up and we checked out the city. Yuffy and I went around looking at a few local shops and getting some food. Our final stop for our date was to look at Shinjuku and sit down around the destruction. The girl was not happy seeing the damage. As we were sitting I had to break up a fight between a few Britannian students a Japanese man I had to defend the students but was cussed out by the students for not helping soon enough. I talked about Yuffy about my ideals and about the common knowledge about my father’s death I would tell nobody but the Britannian forces that I was the one killed him using the ninja skills I learned and hid from him I killed him because the man wouldn’t bow to the superior Britannian forces and more so because he threatened to kill my first love Lelouch. I used a hidden kunai to slit the man’s throat and then contacted the Britannian forced of my deeds for doing that I was awarded honorary Britannian status.  

After my discussion was done Lloyd Asplund and his assistant Cecile Croomy came in the Lancelot carrier to tell me to leave with them over a fight between a few nobles. Said fight was 4 on 1 against my former accuser the man zero called Jeremiah Gottwald my honor not letting such a outnumbered fight happen asked to ‘test” the Lancelot by defending the man and changing his opinion of me in the same moment with the power of the knightmare I was piloting I defeated 4 with ease. But after the others were dispatched my new friend revealed her true name as 4th Princess Euphemia li Britannia and ordered the noble to stand down. The princess’s next move was to have me go to finish my schooling at the local Britannian school Ashford academy. It turned out I was set up in the same class as my love Lelouch in a male uniform.  

Lelouch pov
Seeing Suzaku at school was a surprise seeing him in school confirmed my feeling toward him I would like to become partners or even lovers with him but it would only work if we were both on the same side. I wanted to bring change via revolution he wanted to bring change from within. So until one of us changes dating would be hard. But making out in a closest even going as far as him feeling me up maybe not. That we did right after his first day of class. On the CC front I began to train her in chakra use enough to use the basic academy stuff. I started with enough knowledge to learn the shadow clone even a sleeping biju would give her enough chakra to learn that and with clones I would teach her faster than normal enough knowledge in a short time to be at genin level. I used some hacking knowledge to set her up with a civilian identity along with a basic transformation seal to let her roam around at least the former Tokyo area as long as she did come back. We were partners at least at keeping her safe from Britannia. I told her that even she heard even I whisper in her head let me know.

One almost bad incident happened a few days after a stray cat that was following Suzaku or attracted to the cat biju in CC I wasn’t sure but the funny stray did earn the adoration of Milly Ashford, the name Arthur and a home in the clubhouse. Due to a mistake of my own said cat stole my mask but with me ocular powers the cat was no trouble and when I caught him in inserted a small chakra rod under his skin letting me allow the cat to become a path when needed to watch the clubhouse and Nunnally if I wasn’t there. After the cat incident my father made a public statement about Clovis that turned into a rant about social Darwinism. If my only full sister didn’t learn ninja techniques to make up for her disability I would have been even more pissed at him than I was but the biju wouldn’t be in this world if he was just planning on more than just the strong dominating the weak. It seemed like either Kaguya or someone more diabolical might have brought the biju to this world for more than just some plan that could use them but might not need them.

The whole my dad is an asshole thing made me have dreams of the day with father woke up my eyes not only that it was the first day of my period I even more unpleasant. That same day my older sister Cornelia challenged zero to a due over a public channel. My honor as a Kunoichi and as zero demanded I take the duel to my misfortune the development of my new personal knightmare had stalled forcing me to steal a standard knightmare too slow for my tastes. The battle didn’t go nearly as well this time as the last battle did due to the Saitama rebel group being too stupid and untrusting to take orders and also due to Cornelia being a fairly decent strategist. To make my escape from that battlefield I was forced to use a weak gravity attack to destroy a few enemy knightmares and a shadow clone to distract her long enough to make my escape.

Before I was trained as a ninja and mastered the powers of my eyes my order sister was my idol the near unbeatable queen the field I could beat her in those days was chess I was a little better than her and if I had a real army I could have won. If I went all out and used yin-Kurama’s I could have run but I wasn’t in the mental state to even come close to using his power without turning the battlefield into a wasteland the one time I did use him was a test near the Chinese border I utterly devastated both the Britannia and Chinese forced but if Sayoko hadn’t used her Sharingan to seal yin-Kurama for short time I don’t know how long I would have raged. Yin-Kurama said I need to master my hatred and sage powers before I can use his power as well as the host of his other half. Use of my other powers would make Britannia and my father know they need to send something much nastier like another one of their pet jinchuriki. I haven’t seen the 8-tails so my guess is that he is their trump card for fighting other biju. With no show of the 1-tails in her battle my father or the handler of the 8-tails must have sent out the 8-tails to neutralized the treat of the sand biju making it so my sister could win the battle and convert Middle Eastern Federation to area 18 for those reasons I need to keep as low profile as I can.  This defeat showed me I need to form up my own group like my grandfather did before me to bring peace.

Suzaku pov
Most of time school was pretty boring the most excitement I got was the regular make out session with Lelouch at time I felt her up under her uniform to learn her body was well sculpted and toned. Besides the make outs Lelouch was rather distant like she knew we couldn’t be together unless she regained her title or even took over the thrown herself. If she came to me and asked for real help I think I would add her.  

Lelouch pov

After Suzaku, euphie and Cornelia had started to settle in I was building my own forced the black knights from the people that helped me win my first battle Kaname Ohgi former leader of the rebel cell, the 2nd member being ShinichiroTamaki he is a hothead and pretty reckless, then there was Kallen half-breed and best pilot without ninja skills in our down time I was starting her on basic ninja training but with low chakra levels she would be best for enhancement or genjustsu. There other members as well but I never really got theirs names I would just identify them as chess pieces based on their skills and other traits. The basic motto of my Black knights was to bring justice, peace and protection of the weak just like my grandfather’s original Akatsuki. Our first hideout was a mobile carrier I got with some of my investments and winnings at our first meeting there was when Kaname turned on the TV in our base there was a hostage situation at a hotel with a Sakuradite conference going on. The true secret of the mineral was its reaction to chakra when exposed it could create a pseudo chakra network in knightmares.

Euphemia pov

I was visiting the lake hotel to learn as much as I could about Sakuradite and observe the conference until the group of former Japanese military took every hostage including myself. While I waited I observed the terrorists till they started to collect hostages and start to execute them by dropping them from the windows. The room we were locked in was food storage area and the terrorists were eating all the fancy noble food. The thing that made me act was a scared school girl calling one of them an 11 of their proper title of Japanese I was forced to call myself out as 4th princess (really 3rd after the my older sister lelouch was banished but I still consider her my sister and heir before me and even best candidate to become the next empress) and asked to meet the group’s leader. When I got to the room it turns out zero arrived first and killed the leadership of the group or somehow convinced them to kill themselves how zero did such a thing I will never know but one thing I saw of zero that struck me was his eyes 2 eyes completely light purple with 5 rings and the pupil as a 6th ring. I asked zero “why did you kill my brother Clovis?” his response was it was because he ordered all kinds of cruel experiments and killed the elevens no the Japanese for no good reason but also because he is part of the corrupt Britannia royal family if you didn’t help save those hostages with your own hands I would kill you here and now.” I replied with if you are here how you did know what was going on with the hostages?” zero said with his distorted voice “that is my secret.” Zero’s next action was to jump out the window on a pillar and announce him and his new group the black knights were a symbol of justice to protect the weak and that the groups that took the others and me hostage were cowards.

Lelouch pov

I used a chakra rod to take over the leader of the so called Japan liberation front and make him use his own sword to take off his own head it was a very disturbing site to see myself get covered in the someone else’s blood through my own eyes and I even knew after cleaning myself up I would be throwing up after I get to a bathroom. I had been using that stray cat as my eyes to guard the hostages if my friends were in real danger I would have had him summon myself or a small summon beast to aid his fight.

I euphie was really the only of my 2nd my bastard father’s other children I could say I really loved the truth I didn’t kill her because she saved my Student Council friends but because I loved her as a sister and because she stated she was the 4th princess not the 3rd leaving a place for me.

The next mission after the rescue would be to clean up after streets of Tokyo and the rest of Japan of this refrain drug to help build the black knight up in the eyes of the people. But that will be after I cleanse my body of the filth and my stomach of its contents. After I threw up and threw my zero outfits in the laundry I did a light workout and went to sleep preparing for future conflicts.

Chapter over with I will do next the next chapters of Sage devil and queen of game then will use the rest of this month and most of august to get this to the end point of season 1. I am working on new twist and turns for the story to take our main heroine will get geass for a short time at least but I will say how that happens later on.
Sage of Britannia chapter 3 movement of destiny

Chapter over with I will do next the next chapters of Sage devil and queen of game then will use the rest of this month and most of august to get this to the end point of season 1. I am working on new twist and turns for the story to take our main heroine will get geass for a short time at least but I will say how that happens later on.



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